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Weasels USA

Northeast Kansas Chapter

Established September 9th, 2000

* Mustela Erminea *

Weasels USA Is A Dis-Organization

A Drinking Club With A Chronic Motorcycle Problem

An Old Hoe's Dream Come True
That's My Mom, She Always Told Me I Wouldnt Amount To Anything.

A Defined Example Of Years Of Intrafamily Breeding

~ A Legend In Motorcycling Since Early Last Week.... ~

A bunch of wild mothertruckers who love to party, ride their scoots in a total reckless manner with full disregard for life, limb and property. An overt group that will drink and over consume anything distilled, brewed and often times unnaturally chemically altered, to the point of purification through regurgitation. A small plethora, that is well known for making deliberate loud obscene sheep noises, with the purest intent to frighten small Amish children, gossipy old women, butt pirates and the occasional politician. A collection of dubious men and women that are generally considered an unsightly nuisance and are barred from any reputable drinking establishment in the state.

But, whether it be the act of passing out in a public parking lot, consuming Jack Daniels Whiskey on the expressway, or puking ulcer induced blood at a street corner alleyway just for fun, we are
Weasels Forever Fraternal Weasels
We could have easily been "Street People" but elected to take even a lower road. We are liberated by our lifestyle and are all proud to be Weasels.
We worked darned hard to get here.


Our Local Disclaimer
Weasels USA, Northeast Kansas Chapter Is A Social Club Striving Toward Betterment In Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverage And Is Not Associated With Any, Nor Should Be Considered A Motorcycle Club.

* Eat Me *

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A Thanks To Our Veterans



Write Your United States Senator And Ask Where Your POWs Are At This Hour.
If He/She Says They Do Not Know,
Bluntly Demand To Know Why The Senator Is Ignorant On Such An Issue.

For more information about the recovery efforts of MIAs or the identification process, please contact Mr. Johnie Webb of the United States Army CILHI at (808) 448-8903 ext 5.
(Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii)
~Let Your Interest Be Known~

Click on the flag for your Senator's address.

No Helmet Laws In Kansas

Hasnt Been For Decades - And Never Will Again

Click Here For Our Local Legal Stuff

The group all came together and made a contribution to our community

~ Kind Of A Public Playground For The Kids ~

~ God Bless The American Dream ~

* Usama bin Mohammad bin Laden *

You Screwed Up, Messin With United States Of America

~ Now Kiss Yer Crusty, Goat Smellin, Camel Flea Infested Booty Good-Bye ~