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Disclaimer: The name Weasels USA and the Logo of a Weasel associated with a motorcycle is a registered trademark. The use of the name, logo, or any combination thereof witout written authorization is prohibited in the states of California, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin. Kansas and Wyoming are pending. For information on the use contact Wayne Springmeyer at

Minnesota Chapter, Weasels USA Is
A Drinking Club
With A Motorcycle Problem

A Legend In Motorcycling, Since Early Last Week !

A Tragic Example Of True Dis-Organization

The Land Of A Thousand Lakes
Has A Severe Insect Problem.

Pest Control Minnesota Weasel Style

For Our Veterans

~ We Thank You For Our Freedom ~

The Chapter Motos


Any Port In A Storm


18 to 88, If It's Female, It's Most Likely Do-able


Go Ahead And Drink It, If It Dont Make Ya Hurl Or Go Blind, It Will Make Ya Stronger


Since The Invention Of Brown Paper Bags ... There's No Such Thing As An Ugly Bitch


... Bite Me ...


It Aint Called A Leg .... Unless You Can Walk On It


A Couple Weasel Friendly Links

Just The Best Harley Dealer In America Is All !

Twin Cities Harley-Davidson

A.B.A.T.E. Of Minnesota

It Just Aint Easy Livin In Minnesota

But It Beats The Dog Crap Outta Havin A Kalifornia Drivers License

The Mother Site

Grand Chapter Weasels