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Welcome to the USS Ronin, an Intrepid II Class ship recently launched after the destruction of it's Defiant class predecessor. Commanded by Captain Ryan Evans, the Ronin's main goal is exploration, however, with new advances in technology, the new Intrepid clas II ships are just as able in combat situations as exploration or diplomacy and the Ronin's abilities in combat have been tested on more than one occasion.

Assigned to explore the unknown region of space near the centre of the galactic core, past the Cardassian empire and Ferengi alliance. Her mission, as always, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!


Recent Updates

March 24, 2002 Added episodes 601 - 603
March 13, 2002 Added episodes 596 - 599
March 5, 2002 Added Kalin Jerico to roster
Added Kelvans to database
February 6, 2002 Added episodes 592 - 595

Content Rating

Burgosian Innovations has voluntarily assigned the USS Ronin rpg a "PG-13" rating due to occassional adult language, violence and intense action.

Game Captain

The USS Ronin RPG is administered by Chris Wood, (aka Captain Ryan Evans). Any comments regarding the game can be emailed to him by clicking on his name.


The USS Ronin web site is maintained by Chris Wood. Any comments regarding the pages of this web site can be email to him by clicking on his name.


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