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The Knights of Drin

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Welcome to the Knights of Drin, the best guild on Ancient Anguish! Dedicated to preserving the ideals of honor, chivalry, and goodness, the Knights are a noble organization formed by the King of Nepeth, Drin Trueheart, in memory of his father, foully murdered by the Orcs.

To be a Knight is to be a member of an elite group of men and women, protecting the innocent and keeping ever vigilant against the encroaching forces of evil. Only those who hold the principles of chivalry dear to their hearts may join the ranks of the Knights of Drin. The location of our guild hall is in the city of Nepeth. Our castle gates are open to fighters, paladins, clerics, rangers, and adventurers. The Knights will only take in humans, elves, half-elf brethren and dwarves. No necromancers, mages, thieves, or any members of the orcish race need apply, for they will be turned away quickly. A Knight must have a good heart. If a Knight is ever seen with an evil alignment by King Drin, a suspension of their Knight powers and rack status removed. Knights have powers such as being able to sense orcs, and even teleport back to Nepeth from almost anywhere in the world. But, there is little need for these abilities, as Knights are specialists in weapons, warfare, and strategy.

Knights may seem serious, but they are just like you and me. The Knights stick together, through the good times and the bad. From avenging a wrongful death, to helping track down a thief; from equipping a poorer fellow to simply chatting to other people, the Knights are always ready to assist one of their brethren. When you're a Knight, even the worst of times aren't all that bad.

bulletAsk Albert, the Knights' resident expert on all things Knightly, about becoming a titled noble and the one of the greatest Knights of all time.
bulletVisit the Library, where books can be found on Knight History and Chivalry, among other subjects. Here you can also get help if you need it, and even find works of fiction written by fellow Knights!
bulletThe Gallery holds portraits of Knights both living and dead.
bulletCheck out Class Help for hints for those new to the classes that may join the Knights.
bulletEnter the Den to meet some of the Knights.
bulletThe Armory contains the weapons used by the Knights. Here, you can gain valuable strategy and weapon insights.
bulletKnightRC's Office is the place to find out all about the page you're viewing.

News from the scrolls of Prince Galt (

March 22, 2002 - OK, quite a few updates to the player profiles since it's been so damn long since I did anything *cough*.  Updated Teradia (she's taken now chaps... deal with it), added Lorer (the lucky fella), replaced Sunkist with Cinnabun (since Sunkist punked out and left the Knights *gaze Sunkist*), updated myself (I wizzed... keep your snide comments to yourself *twiddle*).  Also updated the profiles of Krim and Caryn who were recently promoted to Elder Mortals *cheer Krim and Caryn* and Flea and Joho who both made it to full wizard status *cheer*.

The other big news is that since I have wizzed, I'm more restricted in what sorts of things I can add to the web page.  As a result, I have recruited Lorer to assist me in this work.  I will still be doing the player profiles and things of that nature, but anything that is game related (i.e. weapon charts, class help, etc.) will be going through Lorer now.  Many thanks to Lorer for his willingness to help keep the Knights page in good working order!

February 4, 2002 - Added a profile for Teradia and updated Flea's profile and changed her portrait.

December 8, 2001 - Added profiles for Emylia and Elisabeth and updated Flea's profile.  Also removed Dreamful, as she "no longer plays Ancient Anguish." 

December 1, 2001 - Added portraits for Emylia and Elisabeth.

November 28, 2001 - After a period of supreme laziness... an update.  New picture of Sunkist added to her page in the den and at long last, a start to the class help pages.  I have uploaded a help page for cleric.  All of you killer clerics out there, read through it and mail me any corrections or additions.  I'm not a bad cleric, but I know that plenty of you know a lot more than I do.  Also added a profile for Dreamful, though she may look a bit familiar to you... seems Blackrain decided to wander off to Chaos again, but she has started a new alt to serve Drin.

November 3, 2001 - Added a picture and a few updates to BryghtBlade, profile and portrait of Ryn, and welcomed back Blackrain after her absence from the Knights by putting her profile and picture back up (she's been back for quite a while but your humble *snort* webmaster forgot to put it back until he was reminded *peer*).  Also changed Sunkist's title as she is now a Princess *cheer*.

October 27, 2001 - Added a picture and profile of BloodEagle and added a new picture of Buckingham.

October 20, 2001 - Added portraits and profiles for several of StormSong's alts, namely Arianne, Nechita, Silverstorm, Jeanie, Stormsinger and Stormwolf.

September 19, 2001 - Added a portrait of Slade and a profile and picture of Sunkist and a picture of a part of Sunkist's anatomy that she's particularly proud of.

August 27, 2001 - Added a profile and portrait for Scarlioni.

August 23, 2001 - *boggle* more stuff in my mailbox.  KaSmune returns with a profile to add to her picture, Joho submits a profile, and Utopia sends a new picture and updates her profile a bit.

August 22, 2001 - My mailbox was full again so we have another update.  KaSmune sent in a picture and Orla provided an update to her profile.

August 21, 2001 - Yet another small update as the Knights have been generous of late in their submissions.  Added profiles of Darius and Pipin

August 20, 2001 - Another small update.  Added a profile and photo of StormSong and a portrait and profile of Caryn

August 17, 2001 - Well the tragic loss of my hard drive has prevented a more thorough update.  The Class Help pages were nearing completion when the unfortunate event occurred and of course that was one thing I hadn't backed up on disk *spit*.  So this update is somewhat smaller than I had hoped.  Updated the Legends list and, the big event, moved us to our new URL.  Angelfire had been a bit disagreeable with me and not all of my pages were uploading properly.  Their response to my e-mail requesting help was a bit condescending to say the least, thus we are at our new location.  If my motivation returns, class help will be here sooner rather than later.

June 16, 2001 - After a long pause, updates are back.  Updated many of the profiles and removed some profiles of ex-Knights.  Added my own profile and picture.  Replaced Orla's picture with a better one.  Added the locations of many of the weapons listed on the Weapon Progression page and added some additional weapons to the charts based on info from other pages and personal experience.  Updated the legends list.  Still hoping to get more pictures, so send them to me. ;)  I will soon be adding a set of pages to help players learn about each of the classes that may join the Knights, namely paladins, rangers, fighters and clerics.  If anyone has any helpful hints or general information on any of the classes that they would like to share, please send it my way.

News from the scrolls of Prince Lorer (

March 27, 2002 - Seeing as Prince Galt is needing a little help, I'll be doing some assistance duty for him.  Hopefully help the load a bit.    Just changed some things and fixed the counter.  If profiles and such aren't being uploaded, send a copy to me and it might be processed faster.  An honor working around here...

News from the scrolls of Wizard KnightRC (

Jan. 21, 2001 - Added the profile and picture for Tobius. Added on to the legends list. Added some more books from the Tantallon library. Sadly, I have no idea how to make the title graphics, so until I find something decent to replace it, there won't be any title graphics to any new sections.

Jan. 20, 2001 - Well, I decided I'd actually do some work on the site. Only a tiny update, added the picture for Utopia and some changes to her profile. If anybody has sent anything to Fort and has not gotten it posted yet, please send it to me, and I will get on it.

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