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June 11th, 2011


For real this time! And for the last time! It's kind of a long story, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if no one ever stumbled upon this page, but still. I felt it my duty to update this dusty old site one last time with the biggest update it ever saw.

The story that got me back into making the game is odd and not really the point of this update. But the short version is that a forum I visit frequently held a Spring RPGMaker Contest and gave everyone two months to make an RPG that loosely followed Final Fantasy's formula (ie: four elemental shrines and a final dungeon following them).

So I took that opportunity to revive Final Fallacy with the resources that have been collecting dust on my hard drive for over eight years. That's no joke. The very first demo of the original RPGMaker 2000 game came out over TEN YEARS AGO. Time flies when you get a life and an education and a job. But none of that kept me from finally closing this past chapter of mine and finishing an RPGMaker project. Finishing Final Fallacy.

For anyone who played the original, (which you can still download here) the story of 'Dusk of Spirits' takes place years after the story that WOULD have taken place in Final Fallacy II. So, sorry if you were really waiting to see what happened there! The set-up of the contest necessitated starting from a clean-ish slate. So the original cast reunites long after the world was saved (either from evil or Guy's own incompetance is left up in the air) for one last adventure.

The dimwitted heroic Guy, the tired sarcastic Snark, the mysterious and practically personality-less Wrin and Karan. You'll even finally get to see what happened to Gary and Emm after they were thrown overboard in that pirate attack! What ultimately became of Zhodoa, Maj'nen, and the Archvillain! And fight a giant evil persimmon!


So if you're reading this that means you've kept an eye on this page for seven or eight years. CONGLATURATION! This is your reward, an update and a complete game at long last! It's not terribly long, not terribly difficult, but it's a complete package. It's my gift to you, watchers of the internets. For being patient with me.

AFAQ (Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions)


I was busy being a super hero. I had to take time out of my busy criminal busting life to make this game. The two months I spent working on this were two months criminals walked the streets of the non-specific city I lived on, so I hope you're all grateful!

2. RPGMaker 2003? Wut?

The eight or so years since I last touched an RPGMaker have rusted my skills somewhat, and I wasn't in the mood to pick up and learn one of the new bits of software, regardless of their legality (though I highly reommend purchasing them if you're interested in RPGMakery yourself! Support the company that makes em bros!) RPG2K3 was close enough to RPG2k, the last maker I worked with, that I didn't need to spend much time getting my bearings. Plus many of the resources I had leftover from the now defunct RPG2k sequel worked just fine in 2k3. Time saving!

3. The download link is broken!

Mediafire is trisky like that, and I don't have a permanent home for these files. I'll check the site now and then and re-upload the links as they become deadified.

4. This game sucks/is too easy/not complex enough/better ones have been made/you're a virgin/go die in a fire!

Dawwww you're welcome! Seriously, though, the timeframe for this game was two months and I'm bad at the stats and the maths. Thus I decided to, overall, make the enemies super easy and the game easy to breeze through rather than strain my brain trying to balance stats on top of making the rest of the game.

5. Who the HELL is Percy?!

Read this LP.
Then read this thread.
Then play this SMBX game.

Congrats! You're caught up! And will have nightmares for the rest of your life!

6. I want another game!

At my current rate, Final Fallacy III will be out in about 50 years. So look out in 2061!

(Editors note: Final Fallacy III is not actually in production and likely will not be released in 2061 or ever)

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