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sanhedrin is a roleplay guild on the
erollisi marr server of everquest™
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Welcome to Sanhedrin. For the latest information about us, visit the message board on the community link. Here's the


Thursday 22nd November 2001

Hola! On the 14th of this month Sanhedrin was disbanded as a guild on Everquest. We continue to remain friends, and many of our members have gone on to form a guild on Dark Age of Camelot. The guild is Gaoth An Iar in Hybernia, on the Percival server. You can find the message board here: Thanks to all the members of Sanhedrin, and our friends, for a good ride.

Best of luck with the next big thing,


Saturday 6th October 2001

There are a couple more pictures on the link below, for your viewing pleasure. Valchian went to Hybernia, to have a sniff about. In his words, "It's offensively cutesy." I can but agree. One of the pictures is from his travels there. There are plenty of funny coloured shrooms where those come from. I had lots of fun charming creatures today, and getting bogmen to fight each other. I also wasted tons of money riding on horseys. Yay!

...Help help I'm being repressed.


Thursday 4th October 2001

I've been bumming about on Dark Age of Camelot of late. Here is a picture of my lurvly mage and Camelot! Spiffy. It's quite a big piccy, I'll warn you now. But it's a big place, so what can you do?

...I get to push the pram-a-lot


Sunday 23rd September 2001

Look, it's all spongley and new. No longer will we suffer under the oppression of frames layout, yay! Marvel at: almost exactly the same content. Gasp at: completely random, and mostly irrelevant graphics. No longer will you be pestered for stuff for bio-pages because... I've scrapped them. Yay! Any complaints, or suggestions send to

Eat a pie,


Tuesday 4th September 2001

There are a couple more biography pages linked from the members page. If anyone else wants one, give me some info, and I'll sort it out. I need to know any ideas for colours and design you have, and graphics you would like, a written biography, and at least one screen shot of your character, preferably.

It looks like we'll be having a guild event of some variety on the 9th of September, so check the boards for that, and put in your tuppence worth. Any comments or suggestions regarding the site should be directed to the message board, or emailed to I have some new and exciting software, so expect sudden and dramatic changes any moment!

Pie pie,


Monday 23rd July 2001

I've started adding individual biography pages to the members listing, more of those to come. I'm going away for a week, and am unlikely to have internet access, so if anything goes/is wrong with the site, it'll have to stay like that. Going to see the sea (yay) and the family (eep).

Be well


Wednesday 20th June 2001

*Looks at the last date* Eep!

I'm making a few changes to the site. For a start the news page will now load rather than the welcome one when you access the site. I thought this made more sense. It still looks rather dull though, overall, so send me pictures damn it! We need purty pictures.

As far as guild business goes, the officers/council members have been decided on, and are as follows:

Jinya - Ambassador
Khir - Mediator
Devaberiel - Fellowships coordinator
Terion - Events coordinator
Kattarrin - Treasurer
Sakkra - Armourer

I'll put them up on the board somewhere or other. I think I'm gonna have to overhaul the Fellowship section anyway *sigh*

Once again, please stop by our boards to check what's going on currently with us. Send any questions or comments about the site to Other than bad comments, you can send them to your momma. Toodle pip.


A little later that day.... ARRRGH! I'm being driven insane trying to get the webpage to look okay on a 17" and 15" monitor. This will have to do I'm afraid.

Wednesday 25th April 2001

You probably got an e-mail about the ez-boards being down yesterday. They were supposed to be back up by 6pm PST, yesterday evening, but they don't seem to be yet. Fingers crossed I suppose. In the mean time, if you need to communicate anything you can put it up here if you like.



Tuesday 17th April 2001

Welcome to the Sanhedrin website, which is slowly taking shape. Could all members who haven't given me the relevant information for the members section please post it on the board.

If you have any notices you would like to put up, let me know and I will pop them here. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see on the website, or images you would like me to put up, mention it on the message board.

Any visitors, feel free to stop by our message boards to find out what's going on with our guild, and read our roleplay stories. There are guidlines for the board: a link can be found to these from the index on the side, or from a link on the message boards themselves (appearing shortly).

Happy Easter, and be well,