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Games Currently Playing:Tetris(NES), Grandia III(PS2), Pirated Carts(Famicom), Mega Man Games(NES)

Luis Zena - Welcome to my homepage Luis Games World. Currently collecting Famicom, NES, SNES, SFC, and much more! I'm a college student that has been collecting old classic games for almost two years now. My collection keeps growing more every week so I decided to share my finds with my other collecting buddies. I think this is a nice hobby that doesn't really need much investment because by going to places like thrift stores and flea markets you can find a lot of rare valuable items. Of course, once in a while I stop by the local Gamestop to pick up some next gen items. I'm pretty much concentrated in older gaming than new but don't think I'm against next gen gaming because I think games released now are as good as the ones from the golden ages. I'm currently working taking photos of my collection but it's hard when you have a million other things to do. Anyways, I hope you take a little time off and visit my homepage more often and let me know what you like or don't like. Famicom 4 LIFE!

11-3-10 1:17am This Home Will Never Be Forgotten

If any of you still bump into this site well, I suggest you hit the more recent one! Retro Gaming Life! That's where all the action is right now. I decided to come here and clean things out a bit and make it look a little more presentable. We must never forget our roots and this site is my roots. Remember that guys!
Retro Gaming Life

4-2-09 2:36am Super Duper lack of updates!

Well as most of you know I don't update this page anymore but I do have a .com I'm working on and once I'm done making it interesting then it'll be updated. As of the virtuail soccer league, right now is like every year play off time! I will try to upload something but there is so little room to work here....Please visit my blog! That one is updated every day! I swear check it out!!
Retro Gaming Life