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The Pirate Blade of Rahnian

A Tunnels and Trolls® Play-by-Post Adventure Archive


Side adventures and interludes not run by the GM are listed by bullets.

  1. A Curious Assemblage
  2. Meet Me at the Night Gail
  3. Delvers Disperse
  4. The Streets of Khazan
  5. Leaving Khazan
  6. Night Gail
  7. Captain, Captives and Whipcord
  8. Mummy Told Me There'd Be Days Like This
  9. On Death and Desertion
  10. When Old Acquaintances Drop In
  11. Snatch and Grab
  12. Temple Guardian
  13. Inside the Shu-Tzen Temple
  14. Dragon Maps and Chessboards
  15. Blade of Doom
  16. In the Midst of Carnage, a Dilemma
  17. Plan C
  18. Aftermath and Afterplay
  19. With Friends Like These...
  20. Gargoyle Bait
  21. Even the Big Ones Go Down
  22. True Colors
  23. A Shot at Justice
  24. "Wrinkle in Time"
  25. Some Plots Refuse to Die
  26. Shattered Dreams
  27. The True Hero
  28. Party at Ruth's
  29. Loose Ends

Dramatis Personae

in order of appearance...

Player Characters

links to final stats...

Taran "SniperOrc" Dracon
Orc Warrior, played by tarandracon
Jax "BlurBlade" Dracon
Orc Warrior, played by jaxdracon
Quickly Ratcatcher
Fairy Warrior, played by jawillroy
Jack de Crampon
Skeleton Rogue, played by shindorim7
Ebony Nightshade
Human Warrior-Wizard, played by ebony_of_nightshade
Elf Wizard, played by weird_ollie01
Human Wizard, played by eickeric (aka ericeick)
Ocullos (DEAD)
Leprechaun Wizard, played by throst54
Megol (DEAD)
Leprechaun Wizard, played by capt_squidio
Elf Rogue, played by throst54
Lilac de Sprite
Fairy Rogue, played by misfit_sprite
Bela Oxmyx
Elf Wizard, played by calenril_i

Non-Player Characters

Shipy (hobbit_king)
Hobbit Rogue and "treasure-hunter extraordinaire"
One-eyed, one-armed, one-legged human bartender of the Blue Frog Tavern
Brienna Toechopper
Hobbit Warrior and proprietor of Brienna's Supply Store
Shipy Sr.
Hobbit Rogue, "creative archaeologist" and Shipy's father
Sirina Muirogh
Human Warrior, Shipy Sr.'s partner
Kazad Dhubar
Human Warrior, Shipy Sr.'s protector and guide
Half-Ogre patron of the Blue Frog Tavern
General "Bloody" Searick
Sea Elf General, the "Fear of the Seas"
Mr. Sikes
Foppish Human in the service of General Searick
Dorsal Crud
Scarred Human First Mate of the Night Gail
Captain Jelsee
Captain of the Night Gail
Captain Jelsee's parrot
Fairy captive of Captain Jelsee
Deck hand on the Night Gail
Mummy King
Powerful undead Wizard who kidnaps Shipy
Captain Jelsee's magical guardian Warrior
Martek the Swamp Rat
Human adventurer sent by the Wizard Grutoss to stop the Mummy King
Guardian Warrior
Well armed and armored sentry posted at the gates of the Shu-Tzen Temple
Hilda of Red Water Swamp
Swamp creature "rescued" by Lerotra'hh
Gargoyles (another)
Fierce predators of the Shu-Tzen Temple Treasure Room
Elven maiden from Lizardmen in Red Water Bay
Master Wizard of the Death Goddess
Shu-Tzen Guardian
Ancient Elven guardian of the treasures of Shu-Tzen
Prince Thalion
Sphinx and old friend of Jay

Tavern Extras

These characters appear in occasional interludes back at the Blue Frog Tavern and its environs.

Chereva Centaur
Centaur Warrior, played by chereva_centaur
Ruth a'Guerré
Human Warrior-Cook, played by calenril_i
Pog "The Mule" Harrigan
Human Assistant-Cook, played by calenril_i

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