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"Ah, so I see you have made it this far, traveler. There are few who have made it to the grand city of the Barbarois. Yes, very few. You should count yourself lucky, lucky. Very lucky, yes? Perhaps. I am the leader of this place and what business you have with us can be done with me. It is better for you that way. Five thousand years of isolation can lead one to be a little... mad. You'd be best to leave the others alone.  I have been here for many years and know much of what goes on in this world. Perhaps you'd like to stay and learn a thing or two, eh? Would do you some good, I'd say."


Welcome to the City of the Barbarois, a site dedicated to providing fans of the Vampire Hunter D series with whatever info they need to calm their VHD cravings. The site is also here to try to get Anime lovers and others who haven't seen the movie to go out and watch them. Both of the VHD movies are superb works of animation and are great flicks. The more recent movie, Bloodlust, has perhaps the best animation seen in a movie and has one of the best stories ever. I suggest going out and buying the DVDs ASAP. At least go rent them or something.

Please note that the newest news is at the bottom of the list becuase I am lazy and don't want to switch the news items around.



News: 4/24/2002


A few more changes have been made. First, I have moved all the old news into an archive section. If you haven't read it all, I suggest you do, because it explains a lot about this site. Second, there are many more sections up now. In VHD, the characters and some media have been added, as well as character place holders for the Bloodlust (basically pages with everything, including a pic, except for the bio itself). The game section has more stuff in it, as well as the novel and fan art galleries being added. I have added more than I can remember, so to be safe, feel free to check out the entire site over again. You'll find something new in most of the areas. Oh yeah, link to my site if you have one. I wouldn't mind some extra traffic. I am also thinking about adding a message board too. Hmmm.... anything else? If you want me to link to your anime/VHD related site, just email me (click contact me above) or post the site in my guest book. Well, that's all for today.

News: 6/12/2002

Well, it has been a while since I have updated. Sorry about that, I got into finishing up my senior year of HS and got preoccupied. Well, this update ain't much. I have been asked to join some webrings, so guess what? You can now find some great anime webrings that I am a part of at the bottom of this page. Also, something is wrong with the script for my hit counter. It always displays one, which annoys me since this site has passed the 5000 mark in hits (hooray!). I'm not sure how long it will be until a full update, but I will try to get it going asap.

News: 8/21/2003

Boy, I have been away from this site for a while now. Sorry about that. I didn't finished up the update I was working on before college started, and things got busy from there. Well, this semester looks to be just as busy, but I have been getting more emails from from you guys recently than usual, so I thought I should let you all know that I am still around and do infact respond to the emails. I still haven't gotten around to fixing that stupid counter... oh well. I will try and make time to do a real update, but until then, feel free to email me with questions or anything else. Oh, and feel free to link to this site or anything else on it. I don't mind. Oh, and if you want to borrow info, go ahead, but don't steal word for word. It's bad for business.


News: 3/04/2004

Sigh.... I just can't bring myself to do the work needed to update this site. I'm sorry. I might get around to it. I dunno. I still respond to emails and my guestbook, so keep up with those things. I'm lazy, but not gone. Also, I got rid of the stupid counter cause I got a guy in the guestbook who thought he was the first to the site cause the counter was screwed up. Can't have other folks making the same mistake. I've lost track of the amount of traffic the site has recieved, but according to my last news item it was over 5K last time I had checked.


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