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Classic Marvel RPG & Online CCGs

Welcome to Screaming Evel's RPG/CCG shack. It's been a long time since any updates...and i don't have any immediate plans for new content. I am, however, going to give the site a bit of a makeover and plan on updating the appropriate links and materials that need to be updated. (this post made 9/27/06)

The online RPGs have been dead for a long time. They once ran over instant messengers (MSN & netmeeting) and on the members message board which was PBEM style (play by email)-and even in our chat room.

I am willing to start up another message-board PBEM campaign if there is any interest...just email me if you are interested. email me at chrisloveskelly @ (but put it all together...this keeps the spam robots away from my account)

CCGs and other card and board games are available using the program "Cardtable". There are a whole lot of available games to choose from, and its all free. The Cardtable program, however, is basically dead and we will probably never see a release of the mult-player version we expected. Click HERE to visit my CT Game site.


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