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F(30)   Health 100
A(20)   Karma 56

Wrist blades-  (40) Material strength, double edged, retractable blades
attached to the forearm that inflict (30) edged damage.

Combi Stick- (50) Material strength telescoping spear, that inflicts
(40) edged damage. The material is of such exceptional quality that it
can penetrate up to (75) strength material or body armor.

Smart Disk- (50) Material strength, nearly weightless, steel disk that
may be thrown up to 6 areas and inflict (40) edged damage. The disk may
penetrate up to (75) material strength materials. The thrower has some
type of minor mental control over the disk and can target an object with
(40) ability. The disk returns to the thrower at the end of the round.

Shoulder Cannon- A lightweight, shoulder mounted mini-cannon that
inflicts (50) energy damage to a single target or (40) explosive force
damage to several targets in close proximity. A tri-laser targeting beam
may be used in surprise or sniper type attacks to hit with (50) ability,
otherwise it targets with (30) ability.

Body Armor- Natural body armor provides (20) protection vs physical and
energy damage.

Helmet- Provides the following bemefits.
        *(40) Ability blending to the surroundings. This makes the predator
nearly invisible and is -4 CS to be hit with ranged attacks, and -2CS in
        *Ability to see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums
	*also give him a +1CS to Track anyone he has seen already.

Self-Destruct Mechanism- Located on the wrist. Once programmed, a feat
which takes 2 rounds, the devise detonates in 3 rounds, inflicting
Shift-X force damage at ground zero and at -1CS per area after that
until 0.
Stealth: RM 30
Tracking RM 30
Sound Mimic: can mimic any sound hear with TY ability.

Talents: Weapon Master, Martial Arts B, Pilot-Spacecraft, First Aid(self
or own species only)

DL 4 Zan's Char. Gen.