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4-7-00 - Ok, so this is my first rant. My bro Imiscor will be taking control of the rant section when he gets back from London, he is a bigger complainer than I. But today, while I was playing "the addiction" as I like to call it, I noticed something odd. Here I was doing the whole join a guild and kill its members thing and I kill a guy. His name was Ashes just so you all know, anyway I loot him and he resses and comes back. I go and bank his stuff and he attacks me, so I am thinking, cool, free loot. Well, we fight for a bit and I kept getting him to low hp and he would run off, finally i figured he was a waste of regs, so I didn't wait for him to come back. Well, later I come back to brit and there he is, so I attack, he then gets 3 of his buddies (White Monkey, deadpool, and thanos) to ambush me. Now I know that is the way the cookie crumbles, no biggie, I died. Happens to the best of us. Well I go res and walk back and the Ashes guy comes up to me and starts talking crap. Like he is some big dood who owned me or something, when the truth is that he couldn't even get me to 20hp by himself. UO has certainly changed to where PVP is disappearing and ganking is taking over, how sad.