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Welcome To the Ethereal Void



May 25th 2001 - "$BLING BLING$"


May 17th 2001 - "The New Hotness"

Well, I finally got pictures of my new car onto the site. It still doesn't have a name. The current idea are:


"The New Hotness" (From MIB2)


If you have any ideas Email Me Anyway, enuf waiting. Here you go:


Indiglo Dash

Leather Interior

15' JL Sub

Eclipse Amp

8 CD Changer


Playstation 2

Two TVs in Headrests

12 Neon Lights

AEM Cold Air Intake

Focal F5 Rims (18 Inch) / American Racing Rims (14 Inch)




May 6th 2002 - Its My BDAY!!

21! Its about time. I've been waiting for this day for a very long time. I am finally free of all the constraints of my life. Time to start my business.