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The Ethereal Void is designed to be a portal to the future of the Internet. This site is designed to reflect the ever changing face of the Internet. Sites of old have grown boring, with basic jpg images and midi sound files. Expressing the new age of the net is The Ethereal Void! It combines Macromedia technology, Mp3s, and JavaScript to portray the upcoming experience of the 21st century Internet. Although the main sections are based off of my interests, their presentation reflects the new Internet. As we speak, more and more Internet companies are changing their formatting from HTML to Flash and XML. The Ethereal Void gives a simple example of what is to come in the new era of the Web.


The audience varies for my web site. While it is based off my personal interests, it can attract many people. One of the sections is based off a game I played called Ultima Online. As time progresses, I hope to expand this section to attract current players. It will provide information on bugs, new patches, and overall advice on game play. Currently, the Ultima Online section is designed to glorify my character’s status and fame within the RPG gaming community. The idea is similar to what Commando of did for his character. The part of my web site is designed to attract those who wish to learn more of Flash media, actionscript, and javascript. After submission of my web site, I will be posting it on the web and replacing the CS383 section with a tutorial section that will help others bring their web sites to life.


My web site is created in a hierarchical structure, this can be seen by my site map.


To see the structure and for easy access of my site please click on this link:  SITE MAP




<!-- The javascript used on this page was taken from the shake screen tutorial from The JavaScript Source: BG Effects: Shake Screen, [web page online] (accessed 27 Jan 2002);available from; -->

<!-- The background image titlepic.jpg was created with Macromedia Fireworks by me with the use of the image maelstrom II, Greg Martin, Digital Blasphemy, [web page online] (accessed 29 Jan 2002); available from; -->

<!-- The background image altar.htm was created with Macromedia Fireworks by me with the use of the image "small_pyre", Digital Blasphemy, [web page online] (accessed 29 Jan 2002); available from; -->

<!-- The rollover image logo.gif was taken from the Ultima Online Web Page, Origin - Ultima Online, 2001 Electronic Arts Incorporated, [web page online] (accessed 29 Jan 2002); available from; -->

<!-- The rollover image eecs.gif was taken from the EECS home page, CDT Mark McBride, Department of EECS, [web page online] (accessed 29 Jan 2002); available from; -->

<!-- The site map "sitemap.jpg" was created through a feature of Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Inc. , [web page online] (accessed 25 Jan 2002); available from; -->

<!-- The rollover images shotgun3.gif and die-5.jpg were created from a program called UOCV: Ultima Online Character Viewer, it is unknown who made this program and where I got it from, I had downloaded the program years ago prior to coming to West Point and transferred it through my online storage drive. The actual file is located at but I did not download it from there.  Most of the images and animations used in the Flash version of the site and the Ultima Online portion were created with this program.I also used a program called InsideUO to get the other UO animations and sprites.  This program can be found at InsideUO, available at -->

<!-- The sound files "electriccurrent.wav, electriccurrent2.wav, and electricshock.wav" were used in the creation of the flash based version of the site. These sound files were taken from "Button and Buzzer Sound Effects," [web page online] (accessed 2 Feb 2002); available from ; --->

X-Terior. Silence

Hallucinogen. LSD

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