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Velvet Luve

Vital Statistics

Stat Info
Appearance 5'4", 120 lbs. VelvetLuve has black hair that is smooth with waves. Even though she is Angel's twin her eyelashes have no snowflakes and are green and glow. She has been known to seduce men to their knees with her body, which is very curvaceous. When in demon form, she has a tail, claws, and horns, her eyes are said to radiate and sometimes darken like a cats ready to pounce upon their prey.
Race Demoness
Class (Level) Master Alchemist (29)
Necromancer (35)
Sorceress (36)
Ethic Dark
Gods Gamori
Strength 19
Dexterity 19
Constitution 18 (21 with Golden Dagger)
+3 vs disease/poison checks.
Intelligence 23
Wisdom 19
Charisma 21
Hit Points 150 (171 with Golden Dagger)
+4 hp/round regeneration with Lord Marlak's Ring
To Hit 90% maxed (120%)
Dual Attack
Dual Wield
Unarmed attacks deal dark damage.
Evade 90% maxed (109%)
+15% with Necklace of Warding.
Light Enemies suffer -15% to hit with Necklace of Warding.
Skill: Agressor: Enemies suffer -2% to hit when attacking Velvet from fear.
Physical Soak 0% without equipment
+15% with Lord Marlak's Ring
+10% with Necklace of Warding
Magical Soak 50% dark soak
Takes 2x damage from light sources, plus d10 unsoakable.
Immune to fire with Staff of Valmire
See Staff of Reflection for additional magical protection.

Spells and Class Abilities

Class Abilities
Necromancer 37 spells per event with 35d5+6 effect.

Velvet's necromancing abilities are very powerful. She has full access to all necromancer abilities and is not restricted to 3 lesser corpses a day. Although she has no familiar, she has many shadow guards at her beck and call.

Sorcerer 38 spells per event.
Spells do 36d5+5.
Elemental spells add +1d5+1 self-channeling.

As per the level 7 sorcerer ability, Luve can take on physical features of her inner being when necessary.

Commonly Seen Equipment

Name Stats
Golden Dagger of Stamina This gold-plated dagger hardly seems more than ornamental, being so beautiful.
d5+5 damage. +3 constitution. +20 hit points that are subtracted from current HP if dagger is lost.
Ice Illusion Wakizashi Deceptively delicate-looking, this ice wakizashi is a deadly weapon to face off against. Likely to simultaneously sever a limb and poison the unprepared, the weapon hardly deserves to look so beautiful.
d15+5 damage, +10 damage vs light targets.
Jade: poisons for 2d(lvl) damage on successful attack rolls of 15 or less.
Illusion: This sword can create an illusionary clone of its wielder, which can only be dispelled by a higher-level mage or sorcerer.

Special: successful attack rolls of 10 or less may sever a limb. If the victim is wearing full-body armor they may roll d100 vs. their total physical soak, and adamantium armor gives them a +10% bonus for this roll; if the victim is upper body armor that protects the shoulders they may roll d100 vs. half their total physical soak.
- IF THEIR ROLL SUCCEEDS their armor's soak is permanently reduced by X%, where X is the amount of damage the attack deals. On normal armor this can be repaired for 20 gold per point of soak; on mythril, adamantium, or crystal armor it costs 100 gold per point.
- IF THEIR ROLL FAILS or they are not wearing armor they ALSO lose a limb chosen at random by the SC (though unprotected limbs are the most likely to be lost). They make a constitution check: if they pass they lose half their remaining hit points (after taking weapon damage) and are stunned for d6+6 rounds, during which they can take no actions and continue to lose HP from poison damage (see above: Jade) and 2d(their level) HP per round from blood loss until the wound is bandaged or healed by a 7th level cleric or higher. If they fail their constitution check they are immediately reduced to 0 HP and fall unconcious, then continue to take damage from poison and blood loss (as above).

Lord Marlak's Ring This enchanted gold ring has four flawless diamonds embedded in it and ancient script around the inner face.
+4 hp/round regeneration, +15% physical soak.
Necklace of Warding +10% soak, 15% to evade. Good aligned opponents suffer -15% to hit when attacking.
Ring of Three Wishes Grants 3 wishes. None have been used. This was a gift from Necropriest.
Staff of Reflection This slender ebony Staff, 4' long, has each end shod in gold. The whole staff is glossy and polished. It could easily be mistaken for a stylish evening cane.
d10+5 damage. When wielded, any spells targeting the wielder are reflected back to the caster at double intensity (ie, 7d5+12 becomes 14d5+24). The wielder remains unaffected. The wielder can cast beneficial spells on herself, but such spells from other sources automatically fail.
Staff of Valmire Forged in the inner circles of hell, this charred 6' oak staff is topped with a horned demon's skull. Inside throbs a glowing black diamond, pulsating as though a heartbeat. It is hot to the touch of all except its wielder and burns those who come into contact with it. This was a gift from Necropriest.
d8+12 damage. Deals an additional 3d6 fire damage to anybody touching it except Luve; this damage is in addition to the normal combat damage. This staff confers a number of other powers to its wielder:
100% fire soak and immunity to fire spells.
The wielder may animate any corpse by touching it. The corpse becomes a intelligent creation of the staff's wielder (Fighters of 1/2 the lvl of the bearer).
The wielder may command other undead as though they were priests of Gamori at their current level.
This staff can summon 2d10 imps, 1d6 low-level Lesser Demons, 1d4 medium level Common Demons, or 1d2 high level Greater Demons per adventure. The creatures vanish after 2x(wielder's lvl) rounds.
Three special Fire spells (these spells each use up a sorcerer spell to cast):
1. Enhanced Fireball (lvld10 fire damage to a single target plus lvld10 damage divided among all beings within [5 to 30 feet, specified by caster] of the target. Requires 1 round to charge, but can still be used in duels)
2. Disintegrate (lvld4 fire damage against a single target. If enough damage to kill the target they must save vs. half their constitution: if they fail their body is incinerated by the blast leaving nothing but a few bones and a pile of ashes, tripling the normal resurrection cost. Non-corporeal targets and fire elementals are immune to the incineration effect.)
3. Globe of Fire (Creates a spherical wall of flames focused around the caster with a radius of (lvl/2)'. Lasts lvl/3 rounds (or until dispelled) and deals (lvl/2)d4 damage to any beings passing through it. Wall moves to stay centered around the caster. If cast while standing on solid ground it is a hemisphere instead of a sphere.)


Skills Advanced Alchemy, Agressor, Alchemy, Ancient Languages, Ancient History, Animal Kinship (horses only), Appraisal, Battle Sense, Charm, Direction Sense, Dual Attack, Dual Weapons, Enhanced Casting, Herbalism, Master Herbalism, Intuition, Mysticality, Necrology, Netherworld knowledge, Reading/Writing, Survival.