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Exodus characters please note!

Please roleplay out all sales do not use checkout forms on this website. All sales must be played out in character. If you need an employee ask for one in the #ExodusNightOOC room. Please limit purchases to four a week.

NightStorm Shoppe


The NightStorm Shoppe existed a long time ago, an ancient Volkatis owned it, yet the fires of Shanten destroyed the exterior, oddly one item of everything was saved inside it. The old Volkatis woman sat in the shoppe, with a full supply of items that were miraculously not destroyed. She handed the key to one of the journeymen and he opened it up with a partner for a short time. The next owner was blis, who refurbished the shoppe from floor to ceiling. He made sure everything was placed and categorized, but his life took a turn and he had to leave for awhile on a journey.

He handed Liza`Delveta the key the night before his journey, in a last dance in the ballroom, yet she knew blis would return, even though he thought not.

She diligently ran it for months, sharing profits with her husband Calamar, and when the Baaton took Admiral Calamar from the shoppe's daily work and activities, she asked Cynric`Jaden to help her run it. It has become what it always has been, neatly organized with blis's help, and refurbished with items for the people of the lands.

The new interior shines with blis's handiwork, and there is no other shoppe in the lands to compare to it. Your greeted at the counter with a friendly smile, and the merchandise is top quality.