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Derek Vauldron


Derek Vauldron was born 23 years ago within the Lokian Caverns/desert. There he worked diligently with his father to support his mother and his three sisters. By the age of 12, he had become a master at the forge. However, his forging days were soon numbered. His father made a deal with the Order of Baaton to get funding for this forge. When they came to collect, and the father could not pay, they beat him and took Derek...leaving Derek's father,mother and sisters alone with no forge and utter hardships, however, not before removing both of Derek's father's hands and destroying the forge. Derek's fate was still much worse.

Derek was taken far into the desert and sold into a Gladiatorial circuit. It was here that Derek paid for his fathers debts. He trained nearly constantly until he was 16. During those 4 years he did nothing but eat, sleep, and train. He was already strong from hoisting for his father, but now he grew stronger and more skilled.

Finally, on his 16th Birthday, he was given his first match. He was to fight a lion with a dagger. His chest was permanently scarred, but with a lucky blow, he destroyed the beast. Before long, he became accustomed to the battling and grew to embrace it as a way of life. From that very arena he made himself one of the greatest warriors alive, and also became a showman with everything else.

He however has his problems. He is taken too much with alcohol and at times drinks himself into an utter stupor. This he found out the day he left the arena...about 2 months ago. He is good friends with Aiyanna and has known her since childhood. However, he is loved by most who watch him fight.