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2003 Iowa Deer Classic

The Wayne Bills buck

Iowa typical gun record

Scores 201 4/8

The Larry Raveling buck

Iowa non-typical gun record

Scores 282 even

The Larry Goad buck

Iowa archery typical record

scores 197 6/8

The Jim Portwood buck

Iowa archery non-typical record

Scores 254 1/8

This is Iowa's #2 archery typical, the Robert Miller buck. This deer scores 194 2/8.

Nothing incredible about this pic (what am I talking about, it's a locked set!!), I just think the pic is kinda neet.

These deer were found just a few miles from where I hunt. The non-typical (facing you) scores 193 2/8, and the typical (broadside) scores 178 1/8. The last I heard (which was a while ago) this was the highest scoring locked set ever found.

This is simply an amazing deer. Score is in the low 180's, but if that kicker off of his left G-2 had instead grown up as a typical point he would have broke the 200 inch mark.

The story I heard at the Classic was that the lucky hunter loosed an arrow at this buck and stuck it right in the droptine!!! The buck actually offered a second shot and the hunter ended up taking an enormous whitetail.

Imagine what this deer would score without all the junk!

This isn't an Iowa shed, but it was still one of the most interesting sights at this years Classic. Nobody really knows how this shed grew into the tree. Somebody found it in there log pile.