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Classic Hunt

Zachary Grossman
Where: Madison County
Firearm: 20 gauge Mossberg pump action
Species: Eastern turkey

This bird will be an extra special memory for both of us. It was classic turkey hunting. We went out for a try at mid-day calling and after about 20 minutes we could hear him way off. When he gobbled I yelped back until his last gobble was about 10 yards away and to our right, but still out of sight. A moment later he hit the clearing 8 yds. to our right and Zach whispers, "There he is". I strain my eyes right as the tom begins moving toward our decoys. He struts in front of our blind not 5 yds. then heads strait away. Zach tried to get a bead on him through the mesh of the blind and could not. I told him to stand when the tom was strutting and facing away. He did and when the bird stretched out he let loose. We hustled back into our blind because another tom was coming in. We could hardly believe it. There were actually two more toms behind us gobbling but they never gave us a shot. They got real quiet when they got close and came right up behind the blind. Busted us! We had many more get experiences from that weekend.