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e-Warbirds - P-38
Welcome to e-Warbirds!

Please note, e-Warbirds is not running at this time. However, feel free to explore the website and downloads section. You are still able to host your own e-Warbirds mini-games. Thanks for your interest!

e-Warbirds is a free play-by-email game based on air combat in World War II, which combines aspects of role-playing and tabletop war gaming to create a unique gaming experience. Players take on the role of a pilot and choose one of 46 different aircraft to fly.

Most of the action in e-Warbirds takes place in the Main Combat Arena. The Main Combat Arena is a continuous dogfight where players hone their skills and try out different aircraft. Alternatively, players can fly in Scenario Games. In scenarios the competition heats up as two teams struggle to accomplish their mission.

e-Warbirds is entirely computer moderated. Players receive text reports via email, but can also use Aviator (a graphical client) or check their positions on the Web Map. To learn more about e-Warbirds, enter the Home Base and have a look around. When you're ready to join the action, Sign Up here!
e-Warbirds, artwork, and all other materials contained on this page are copyright 2003 Jason Pierce. Species Studios