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Some maps of Astaria

Altheon Continent -- Updated 06/30/2010
Altheon Cemetary -- Updated 07/12/2009 (map from official WIKI)
Ant Mound--Level One
Ant Mound--Level Two
Ant Mound--Level Three
Astarian Continent -- Updated 12/08/2009
Astarian Sewers
Camp Rrawl (Lamia Scouts)
Checkers Field
Chess Board
The Main City Map
Crystal Caves
Another map of the Crystal Caves
Eastkeep -- Updated 08/04/2009
Elemental Lighthouse
The Fire Temple
The Ghost Ship

  • Another of the Ghost Ship
    Grendaliare (Brass Shop town)
    The Village of Ido
    Jungle (in Altheon)
    Another map of the Jungle (in Altheon)
    Nightmare Fields
  • Another one of Morigar
  • List of mobs in Morigar and their strengths
  • Another Morigar map
    A Map of The Astarian Realm
    Nahenet--Updated 12/08/2009
  • Rimelands text file
  • Another image of Rimelands
    Sakai -- Updated 07/22/2009
    Sakai Sewers
    Schwarzwald Forest
    Sewer under GH
    Shadow Realms
    Siiko Village--aka BirdTown
    The Dwarven town of Starfall
    Sulthia the desert town
  • Library at Sulthia
  • Another map of Sulthia
    Swamp Village
    Thief Area
    Treant Grove
    Trehonna--not all there because of a quest
    Troll Bridge Area
    Vestachelon Cemetery--minus the quest areas of course
    Volcano--not all there due to a quest
    Wildaren the elf town

    Historical Reference:
    Armag's Tower--A collector's item since it was part of Sable
    Lighthouse--another from Sable

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