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The dream our planet once had defeated the darkness
and brought forth a brighter future. However, this was
also the dawn of a new nightmare...

The final battle over the legendary treasure, "The
Frozen Flame" a battle between dragons, humans, and
FATE that will surpass even space and time is about to

Our planet's dream has not yet ended...

Important Info & Update!

Well, I was going to make a story for you guys and I
did but it got erased. So, I decided to not continue
making it. The story was about two sites, one is
ChronoHeadquaters, which some should know, and ChronoHeadquaters was a really
big site, but I'm talking big. He had lots of great
ideas, all his projects were unique as us.

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I have added the Bestiary/Boss guide!

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-Character's from Chrono Cross
-Game Info
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Frozen Flame

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