Why, Kitty Miko?
Gods WHY?

That's the question on everyone's minds.
Well dear friends, allow me to explain.
Bandiger of the RPG Thousand Arms
Sure he was 'flaming gay'
Sure he was a weak li'l pussie :o
But in my entire RPG-playing career,
I've never once seen a character so
memorable before. If you loved him or
hated him..didn't he make an
impression on you? This guy was
everything I've ever hated in a person.
He was a hypocrite, theif, liar, con..
and yet, I seemed to fall for the guy.
Melodrama was his middle name.
I was drawn in by these traits
He was just a confused li'l
bandit lost in his own crazy idea
of being on his romantic quest
for True Love. Stealing things, trying to
con people into giving him things
...but no matter what he tried
it never seemed to work out right.
I find myself hoping that one day
he'd reach his dream and find
his True Love.
Bandiger, here I am
Come and get me

Kitty Miko Productions
-=u sux0rz inc=-