Who exactly is Bandiger?
Allow me to explain

Bandiger is a character from the RPG "Thousand Arms".
So now you see I'm not obsessed with a real man
and you're most likely glad..because seeing a
real man dressed like this would scare the crap outta you.

And that's okay.

It's rather hard to get stats for a minor memeber of the
supporting cast. This is what I infer by sight, and by the game:

Name: Bandiger, of course. Doubt he keeps his last name.
Like Cher or Madonna. He's too glam for that.

Age:18-21, wouldn't you say? He can't be much older...

Eyes: Azure

Hair: Golden blond

Education: This guy must have been a dropout.
I mean, none of the other characters in the game seem to go
to school...and they're 15 and up...

Occupation: What he really he is and what he says & thinks
he is are two different things.In reality, Bandiger is a
con-artist and a bandit. He travels the world collecting
"donations" to his "quest". What does he want from you?
He wants your diamonds and jewelry. He wants you to
pay for his next meal. He dresses like a boyslut, perhaps
to make you want to give him what he wants.Perhaps because
he's a fashion victem..or perhaps because he really -is- a slut.
You pick.

Quest: What Bandiger thinks he's doing..:
His intelligence is an enigma. Does he outright know what
the hell he's doing, or does he really believe he's on this
"Romantic Quest"? This little man is the self-proclaimed
Messenger of True Love. He boasts of speading love in
his wake, "...and to do that I need money.Your money"
--says Bandiger. He's also a horrid hypocrite about it all.
At one point he threatens to punish Meis and the gang
for "lying" to him that they had no 'gifts' to give him.
In reality, the party's things were swiped eariler by Kyleen.
But even through it all. There's something about the
way he does it that's his saving grace. You kinda pity
the guy for trying so hard and always getting beaten, thrown in
the ocean, booted out of the casino, and getting
food poisoning from eating bad meatloaf.

Likes: Jewelry, luxury, anything fancy pretty much. He'll
lie and say he sleeps in fancy hotels and eats French food, just
to make an impression.I lovingly call him Mr. Glam ^_^.
His favorite stones are diamonds, as seen when he swiped
some from the mines.

Attacks: Weapon of choice being a violet umbrella!
Bandiger himself, when you fight him...(3 times I think)...
is not very strong.He's a fast little bugger, with lots of HP.
His special attacks are a riot.."Bandiger...spin!!" Heh.
I can't explain :D.

Quote: Bandiger's famous quote, asked to everyone:

"Do you believe in true love?" --Bandiger

It's wise to just tell him yes.

Bandiger's Voice!
Hearing is Believing.

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