It's sad how little Bandiger art there is out there on the internet.
I've taken matters into my own hands and used my little artistic talent
to create some.

Art By Me

Pencil sketch Kinda scary.

Flowers for me? You shouldn't have..^_^..

School inspires rather odd creations. Everyone seems to like this
one, though I don't really know why...

Coloring in crayons ish fun.

Who's Who..? You tell me. Hojo? Bandiger?

There are many versions of this picture Here's the original with
Meis getting beaten on, and the final altered version.

J-Rock Bandiger. Part of my boyband collection.

Vote for Bandiger! This was done during a Zisserson politics
lecture. That guy can talk forever.

Again your vote counts! Zisserson was killing me.

Oekaki by me ^_^;

Smug little biznatch we've got here :o

No shirt on Woo! It scanned a little light though.

Art By Others!

My first Gift! and it's adorable. This was made by
Katrina, my clone. I love how she this
was made special for me ^_^.

Another by Kat. ^^ So handsome

Whoo hoo! and you thought Bandiger was feminine
before?Take a look now. Someone likes girly things.
Kat makes me laugh. *snicker*

The Official Art by Atlus :B Hee hee

Thank you! A cute gift sketch by

Fashion Mistake? Sent to me by Mik

Mary Poppins! Also by Mik.
'in the most delightful way'

Hey, cool..Bandiger likes his shrine too! and thanks Mik!

Mail me some more art?

Kitty Miko Productions
-=u sux0rz inc=-