Kitty Miko! You're so Cool!
How do I talk to you?

eally want to contact li'l ol' moi?
It's easier then you might think
Most simple thing is to sign
the guestbook, darlings. Tis' on the
main page at the bottom. I'd
gladly visit your page
if given the link to it, ya know.

Now we hit something important.
Who made the pictures on this page?
Me, myself and I. That's who.
I even made this pretty background. Now
If you want to use -anything- of mine
you need to ask me
Can't stress that enough.
How do you ask me?
Mail Me, Sweetness!
Same goes for donations, compliments
and flames. I love donations, compliments
and flames. Might as well start the
"Flamerz R Lamerz" webring
sooner or later. *snicker* Fun fun. Now get
outta here, bother me.

Kitty Miko Productions
-=u sux0rz inc=-