Another hatching had passed...a hatching of darker dragons, and still Darreon was alone. There were preparations for a hatching feast being made, though, and the old archmage had decided to help. It would give him something to do. Then the business was broken as a cry from the strange four-winged green dragoness split the air. It seemed that another clutch was going to hatch today!

Darreon set down what he was doing and calmly made his way down to the sands letting other people rush past him. The eggs didn't hatch -that- quickly, he'd have plenty of time. So he did, he made it into the half-circle of the fifteen other candidates before the first egg split.

The first egg broke, shards of creamy shell falling away from a little violet dragoness. With a cry the newborn flaired her wings revealing the lovely sunset colors then made a nervous way to the unbonded green. Darreon listened as they spoke to one another and it warmed his old heart. A match made in heaven!

The second egg revealed another four-winged green which looked almost like she could eat light like a plant. Daintilly the little dragoness made her way over to the woman of her choosing and the woman announced the dragon's name as "Chloryth".

A regular green hatched, but even though she was 'merely' a green she made her way over to the dancer girl with such light-footed grace that even Darreon was a bit awestruck.

Scrambling wildly a four-winged purple made her way out of the next egg and to her bond, a young man with a long name.

Serenely, a brown hatchling entered the world and for a moment everyone thought he might be a calm little thing--then he threw open his sunset wings and bugled a challenge! This dragon wasn't what he seemed...or his bond was not what they seemed.

Darreon stepped forward, answering the challenge with a stern look on his face. "Liojuth; what is the meaning of this?"

Testing, Archmage. Testing, the brown dragon said, his eyes flashing with intelligence. We do not fear challenges, and we will rise up to whatever comes our way! We are different.

Solemnly, Darreon nodded...and then grinned. His dragon was certainly going to be quite a character!