Darreon sighed impatiently, removing his spectacles and running one mildly calloused hand down his forehead then rubbing at his eyes. That technique for creating magical accessories had to be SOMEWHERE! After all, hardly anything was "original" anymore; most things had already been done at least once before. So why couldn't he find a simple "spell" that had commonly been used? Well, perhaps because it wasn't a well-known spell and he hadn't looked through his ENTIRE LIBRARY yet.

Then again, it would be nearly impossible to imagine hunting through an entire library that covered all three walls of Darreon's compromised cave. It would even cover the ceiling if he had been able to get the levitation technique to endure! Even so, it was quite a feat to even imagine hunting through what "little" storage of a library Darreon had.

The archmage's apartment/cave wasn't very luxurious, but he didn't seem to care. All three walls were covered with shelves upon shelves of books on magical techniques and history and a wide, thick wooden door closed off his quarters from the outside world of the Isles of Dracona. In one corner sat a cot of some sort for sleeping--whenever the strange character happened to actually sleep. The floor, if one could see it at any given time for it was often covered in parchment, scolls, books, quill pens and various other things, was dry stone covered in a layer of dust an eight of an inch thick.

Darreon snarled a bit in agitation then slammed the book closed. The old human mage that had wanted the anti-aging trinket would have to wait a while longer, even the Green Archmage wasn't patient enough to spend another day seeking the proper technique to enchant an item after he had already spent nearly five straight days looking for it! This, of course, left the archmage's apartment in an even worse state of disarray than it had been in before. He wasn't about to put them up himself, perhaps he'd get his young draconic apprentice to put them up later; but for now he was going to take a look at the sunlight and visit his son before resting both body and brains.

The door was bolted tight, Darreon always kept it locked and an anti-phasing/fading spell on his abode to keep uninvited visitors out. Unfortunately this posed a problem whenever the grouchy old mage wanted out, he had to unbolt the entire thing and knock the heavy door outwards so he could go out. A good thing he wasn't physically as old as he was chronologically...ah the wonders of being immortal.

Bright light hit the gloomy interior of the cave when the archmage managed to shove the heavy wooden door open causing him to blink momentarily then replace his glasses upon the bridge of his nose. Darreon was quite glad he had gotten the spectacles on Earth, they tinted to a darker shade in the sunlight helping his eyes adjust to the brighter light. The mage breathed in deeply, relishing the air that was made slightly salty by the nearby ocean. It was nice to be out of that musty cave!

Darreon started down the narrow path that led to the base of the cliff, he didn't particularly feel like shifting to fly down on the wings of a bird, dragon, or whatever winged creature he chose for the particular occasion. As he walked he noticed the HUGE black and gold Legend Dragon sunning himself on the beach of the lake at the base of the cliff and perked up even more. Grenam was out, Nephal was likely to be nearby.

Nephal, sometimes called by his Earth name Robby, was Darreon's son; the younger of two half-archangel half-Zanai children. It wasn't that big of a surprise to any of the Tselenians when the young man became the Fantasan Dragon Master and green-gold Grenam had become the black-gold Grenam--Master Dragon of Fantasa. With heritage such as Nephal had, how could it be much of a surprise?

Darreon approached the large dragon, visually searching the area as he went. It was unusual for Nephal and Grenam to not both be in sight at the same time...but this time it seemed so. No sign of the angelite anywhere. The black dragon, sensing the archmage's approach, opened one eye and rumbled a greeting.

"Grenam, where is Nephal?" Darreon questioned the great dragon. Grenam's other eye popped open.

~Packing,~ the black replied simply.

"Packing? For what? Are you leaving?"

~We've been offered a new home and Nephal feels that it would be better if we didn't take up this entire lake to ourselves. Do you want me to call him?~

Darreon shook his head. "No...that's quite alright... I've something to do..." the archmage said, turning and wandering a bit distraught...