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A Brief History...

Song of the Archmage
"By the mystics' holy powers,
By the elements' golden flowers.
Shall all rise to protect,
Every being so much as a single insect.
May we show ourselves true,
Even after the last is past doom."

Due to his unusually strong magical powers Darreon was sent to mage school at an earlier age than his siblings Anisha and Ivan. There it was found that he didn't have a main element, he seemed gifted and all of them though particularly--and peculiarly--with draconic versions of them.

At about the age of sixteen the young man was sent on a crusade with a few of his other fellow students who had shown particular skills to fight against the dreaded Tor Demons which once again threatened the realm of Fantasa--particularly the planet Tselene.

While on the journey Darreon met and fell in love with a mysterious young woman by the name of Gwen. Then, to his surprise she revealed her true identity in a battle when she needed her full abilities--the archangel Calca, new guardian of the realm Fantasa!

Oddly enough after that particular battle against the demons Calca decided she wanted to stay with Darreon for a time and actually married him. Together they went to live in Gevorn, on planet Earth. After a few years, however, both were called back to Fantasa to fight yet again. Calca first, reluctantly leaving her Zanai husband and their two small children.

Darreon didn't leave until much later when his daughter had reached the age of twelve and his son the age of ten. In order to not leave suspicion behind he had to fake his own death--breaking the heart of his daughter.

Now the entire family has been reunited...and the demon threat all but erradicated... Darreon holds the rank of Green Archmage, and somewhat of a lawyer for the High Council. Some rumors fly around that the "old geezer" may be the most powerful archmage in all of Fantasa...