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Hello and welcome to Darreon's page! If you've read Fendranon and Minaia's page I'm sure you already know the drill... I would like to go through a few things before you go on to read.

#1. Characters and places in this story EXCEPT the Searchrider and Ryslen Weyr. Are part of the world of Demon's Gaze and are copyright Silver Midnight 1998 and beyond.

#2. In this case, backgrounds ARE NOT fair game! They're copyrighted to Raptoris. Thanks for letting me use "Galaxy in a Ball", Ben!

#3. Well...I'm not sure about anything else. Well, so you know...Darreon is called the "Green Archmage" because he always wears green. Only reason. Sit back and enjoy!

(Places, characters, and stories unless otherwise noted are part of the world of Demon's Gaze which is copyrighted to Amanda K. Greene. Please refrain from stealing ideas unless you'd like an annoyed someone after you. If you wish to create a character in a Demon's Gaze setting please e-mail me at Goldangelwings37@hotmail.com. Thank you.)