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Final Fantasy Chronicles and Chrono Trigger: Dramatis Personae:

Final Fantasy Chronicles and Chrono Trigger Playstation Crono:
Hero, mute, swings a mean sword, decked out in classic Dragon Ball hair. A native of the Guardia Kingdom in 1000 AD.

Final Fantasy Chronicles and Chrono Trigger Playstation Lucca:
AKA Lucca the Great, or the Great Lucca. Mad scientist, dead ringer for Arle from Dr. Slump, creator of the teleporter/time machine that starts the whole adventure. She lives across town from Crono, and they're good friends.

AKA Princess Nadia, heir to the throne of the Guardia Kingdom circa 1000 AD. Marle is the name she uses when she's out of the castle mingling.

That's his default name, anyway. His proper name was Glenn, and I'll always know him as Kermt, which is what I called him when I played the game. A noble knight of the Guardia Kingdom in 600 AD, he was transformed into a frog by Magus' magic, but came out of hiding to wield the Masamune as a true hero.

A hulking robot from 2300 AD that also happens to have a heck of a soft streak.

Hailing from beautiful downtown 65,000,000 BC, a cave-dwelling young lady who packs a serious punch. Pity about the speech impediment, though.

In 65,000,000 BC, she leads the Reptite race, a sentient people who evolved from the dinosaurs. She's the sworn enemy of the newly-evolved intelligent primates (i.e., us), seeking to wipe them off the earth and ensure his race's dominance.

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