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Wednesday, the Fourteenth of November, 2001 - No real updates, just checking in. I did add a link to FLAVA on the front page. You can click it and check it out. Of course, you'll know all about it when I get the Voice Acting section of the site up and running. BOOYA! - Matt Cruea

Tuesday the Second of October, 2001 - Finally, the man has come BACK to the site. Sure, no one reads this, and sure, it's pretty crappy, but hey, I guy's gotta have a hobby. Anywho, I'll hopefully be doing a lot more with this baby soon. She's got potential. BOOYA! - Matt Cruea
Wednesday the Twenty-Third of May, 2001 - Okay, it's Summer and I don't have a computer at Home. Damn. Oh well. Check out all my stuff and E-Mail me, I'll get back to you in August. Okay. BYE! BOOYA! - Matt Cruea
Monday the Seventh of May, 2001 - Dude! I learned HTML (A bit). Check out this horizontal line thingy! SWEET! Also, check out the comics, the fics, and the new features for updates.
Friday the Twentieth of April, 2001 - Okay. I finished the site yesterday and nobody came. I'm sad now. I got a message board. It's cool. Uh, yeah. "Cool Idea of the Day - Whenever someone says anything, shrug and say "Whatever"."