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I am The Omnis, Royal Guard

to the DracoClans.

I am The Keeper

of The SevenStars. I am the son

of The Ancients, born in the place where all

strands of time connect.

I am the sole elder to The Ancient race.

I am The Waking Dream.

Two Forms.



Character Info.


  • "You have failed your Queen, and you have failed all of Ayenee. Your love was not strong enough to defeat me. But when I love her I will remind her of your failure." ~Solket DarkUniverse
  • "I am not anxious to have innocents blood on my hands. Nor have I ever been ready to have the blood of the guilty on my hands. I am never ready to shed blood. If I could avoid it, I would never harm a single creature. Yet, I am a warrior. Blood is always shed in the performance of my duties. My primary duty is to protect you." ~To SilverTears
  • "I am not sure what this oath to the elves you speak of is. But I would like to help in any way I can. I must put my vows to Queen SilverTears above all else. It is all I have ever known. In truth, it is the only reason I still exist." ~To an unnamed half-dragon soul
  • "You view of my kind is tragically flawed. Most of my brethren may not be able to wreak this sort of destruction on a city, but do not presume to believe that all are so restricted." ~To Baros the Spellsword