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The House Of Deniar
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Here is a picture of a project im working on with Nomad.
Below are some neat links for Necromium you might like or you might not but feel free to use it all its all my own material and only credit i take is from helping u guys :)
DOWNLOAD The Identify Logger
This will auto log every Identify you make and put it in a text file inside of your Zmud Folder with the name Ident.
My Prompt
Text Triggers
Same as the above Files except this version added the Character point counter as requested by Drakul.
Same as the above File except this version gags the map on your main Screen so that only the one on the bottom right shows up it seems to be a bit laggier now thou.
Zipped Zmud Settings File Of All Necromium Triggers I Created Completely By Myself and Feel that would help others :) simply download unzip to the Necromium Zmud Folder then load your char goto load and load the file called DeniarV1.2 to copy to yours simply load the file select all the Class folders right click (or hold ctrl and hit C) click copy close the file load your normal Settings file right click and Paste its as simple as that. Ow one thing for the bot and some of the prompt triggers anything that says Deniar you have to change to match your chars name. I beleive its just the Prompts for the Glyphs possibly one or two of the logs to have fun and play safe :) OWWW AND F1 LOADS AND UNLOADS THE PK TRIGGGGGERS :)