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General Rules Page

Here you will find the guidelines for this RPG. I will expand and update these rules if an arguement or something otherwise occurs. This RPG is run mainly on trust. Yes, I must trust you all to keep the faith, just as you must trust each other and me.

Golden Rule: NO CHEATING! Everyone hates cheaters. If you're caught cheating and I come to learn of it, I will personally banish you from the RPG.

Silver Rule: You must keep track of all of your stats. I will not do it, nor will your computer or the Training Areas do it for you. All you have to do is keep your Synch-ratio %, level, HP, PP, ATK, SPD, INT, and $ points on a piece of paper! Note: the side frame in the Areas that shows your name, an optional picture, and some number with "seconds" after it does not tell you how long you have been training. It only tells you how long it has been since you last typed something.

Bronze Rule: You can only train between the hours of 6 A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern time.

Training Rules

A- Levels you can raise without an Evangelion
1.) Raising intelligence- Everyone would like to be a genius, right? Well, if you've got enough free time, you can be a genius (on the RPG, at least). All you have to do is type /a reads manual. You will earn 2 (two) INT point every minute. You can build weapons and certain items with your INT points.

2.) Making money- Everyone also wants to be rich, am I correct? Typing /a works for NERV will earn you $25 every 1 (one) minute. You can buy items and weapons with money.

B- Levels you can raise with an Evangelion
1.) Raising speed- Type /a runs to earn 1 (one) SPD point every 5 (five) minutes. If you accumulate 150 SPD points, that means an extra round in a fight! I'll explain more about that later.

2.) Raising attack- Type /a trains on attack to earn 1 (one) ATK point for every 10 minutes of training. You can add your ATK points to any attack's HP to see how much damage you could do. Example: I have 10 ATK points, and I want to see how much damage I could to if I used Punch, which usually takes away 5 HP. Add 10 + 5= 15. So, my Punch attack would do 15 HP of damage as opposed to 5 HP. The Punch would not take any more PP than usual. (See below about HP and PP)

3.) Raising synchronization rate- There are several ways to raise your synchro-rate.

Training alone: Type /a trains in the sim to earn 5 HP and 3 PP every 5 (five) minutes.
Training with someone: Type /a trains with ______ to earn 6 HP and 4 PP every 5 (five) minutes. In this case, both people would raise by this amount.
Training under someone: The person being trained would type /a trains under _____ and the person training the other person would type /a trains ______. In this case, only the person being trained would raise by 8 HP and 6 PP every 5 (five) minutes.
Training under Cloud Yuy: You would type /a trains under Cloud Yuy and I would then type /a trains ______. You (being trained) would raise by 10 HP and 8 PP every 5(five) minutes.

You may ask yourself "HP? PP? What's that mean?" Well, here's the answer. HP would be considered your amount of "life" in points, i.e. "H"ealth "P"oint. PP means Power Point and would be called MP (Magic Points) in a game like Zelda, Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy.
Note!: No matter what type of training you are doing, you must also keep track of your synchro-rate percentage. Everyone starts at 5%. During any kind of training, you raise 1 synch-ratio % every ten minutes!

4.) For every 200 HP, you will raise 1 (one) level. Along with this raise comes an upgrade! HP+20, PP+15, INT+100, ATK+5, SPD+5.

Other Rules

|A|- You cannot be in two rooms at once.

|B|- You can only build one item at a time, and you can only buy 1 item per day. However, when you build an item, you can still train during that time.

|C|- When you are defeated in battle (your HP is Zero), your EVA becomes 90% damaged. You cannot train for 10 days after your defeat, nor can you build or buy anything besides a Repair Crew.

|D|- Starting Stats
HP= 25
PP= 20
SPD, INT, and ATK= 0

|E| When you build an item, you do not use INT points like money! Example: I have 15,000 INT points,and I build Pallete Handgun, which needs 12,500 INT points to be able to build it. After I have built it for 3 days, I would still have 15,000 INT points!

Fighting and Tournaments

1.) All battles must be OKed and supervised by me, Cloud Yuy.
2.) Both fighters must approve of the battle.
3.) Both fighters must tell each other all of their stats and weapons before the battle begins.
4.) The Winner receives $1,000, and the loser receives $100.
5.) PP returns to normal (original amount) after the battle.
6.) Tournaments: I will hold tournaments every three weeks in the Battle Arena. You must sign up for the tournament on the Message Board if you want to battle! All of the normal fighting rules apply, except that all battles of a tournament are exempt from Damages (see below).

  Winning Losing  
Round 1 $1000 $250 Necessary
Round 2 $1500 $900 If Necessary
Round 3 $3000 $1750 If Necessary
Round 4 $5000 $2500 If Necessary
Round 5 $10000 $7500 If Necessary

Your opponents in Rounds 1 and 2 will be selected by similar stats. After Round 3, I will select fighters by the dice. After the final round (there may end up being more than 5), the winner will have the choice to battle me. Then, if I chose to do so, the Tournament's winner will battle me and EVA-03. If my opponent wins, he/she will receive $17,500. If he/she loses, the person will receive $12,000. If I win or lose, however, I will get nothing.

Damage to EVA

In a normal battle, each EVA will most definately receive a fair amount of damage The loser automatically receives 90% damage unless he/she forfeited, then he/she would do the following, as would the winner: after the battle, take your HP's amount and divide by its original amount. Example: 130 (after battle) divided by 310 (previous to battle) to get 0.41935, which is about 42/100 or 42%. You would round down (apply mathematical rules for rounding) to 40%. So, I would need to replace 60% damage to get 100% of my HP back. I would then use a Repair Crew to repair the 60% damage.