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Cloud Yuy's Evangelion RPG


Hi, my name is Cloud Yuy. Quite obviously, this is my RPG, creeated and played using the characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion and my friend's fanfic, Final Genesis Evangelion. If you want to join, just e-mail me! Please read ALL of the rules and contact me before entering the Training Areas. This is required! As long as we all follow the rules, this RPG will be a lot of fun for everyone.


Read the Rules! There is highly important information inside!
Character List: See who's who and who's available
Moves List: I'll update it whenever a new person joins
Training and Battle Areas: Only enter if you've read and understand all the rules!
The Message Board: For... messages
Items List: See what things you can buy or build
Joining: So, you want to join? Here's the formal procedures