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Character List

This is the list of the characters and who is available. * means taken. I will add the person's e-mail behind the character's name when that person wants him/her. Also note the characters' starting PL. Everyone starts with 25 HP and 20 PP. ATTK, KI, SPD, and INT are all zero when you start.

Character's Name Series EVA Availability  
Rei Ayanami NGE 00 Available
Shinji Ikari NGE 01 Available
Soryu Asuka Langley NGE 02 Available
*Cloud Yuy FGE 03 Taken
Ryoko Hakane FGE 04 Available
Kaworu Nagisa NGE 05 Available
Richard Lycis FGE 06 Available
Ami Kuroshio FGE 07 Available
Ritsuko Akagi NGE 08 Available
Gendo Ikari NGE 09 Available
Koko Fuyutsuki NGE 10 Available
Ryouji Kaji NGE 11 Available
Pen2 NGE 12 Available
Hikari Horaki NGE 13 Available
Maya Ibuki NGE 14 Available
Shigeru Aoba NGE 15 Available
Makoto Hyuga NGE 16 Available
Yui Ikari NGE 17 Available
Naoko Akagi NGE 18 Available
Kensuke Aida NGE 19 Available
Misato Katsuragi NGE 20 Available
Ichi Tokiwa FGE ZERO Available
Mako Nenohi FGE Omega Available
Haruka Arashi FGE 21 Available

If there's anyone I missed who you'd like to be, just e-mail me.