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Talomin Hall -- Study


The Merelew
By Pralel Erigowia
Professor of the Academy of Learning

I've always had a peculiar interest in the people known as the Merelew ever since I first arrived in Riverhaven as a young man. The last time the island city of Andreshlew floated to the Reshal Sea's surface, I spent a considerable amount of time studying their home, their folklore, learning all I could about them. I have spent the past hundred years compiling and adding to my research, just in time for the next Feast of Eluned's Rising.

Long ago, before the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star was but a dream in the heart of the people within these Realms, the Merelew dwelt across the Ocean. They were little more than beasts when the Elves of the Ocean discovered them, and began teaching them like a Human boy would teach a dog. From the Elves, the Merelew gained intelligence and the art of Lifesculpting. And then the elves mysteriously fled the Ocean, leaving their pets to fend for themselves in a dangerous world.

The Merelew sought shelter in the watery depths, and began putting their talents to use. However, where the Children of Morganae mold stone and the Silent shape the trees and plants of their forests, the Merelew Lifesculpted from the coral and sandstone and pearl of the Ocean a magnificent city: Andreshlew.

The Merelew are impressive in height, though shorter than the Elves. Their skin is scaled, but unlike the S'Kra, Merelew scales are more metallic and fishlike. The most common colors are blue, silver, grey, and bronze. Merelew have pointed ears, and webbed hands and feet. Most Merelew males are bald. The females have one swath of hair, in the center of their head. Their style is to brush it to one side, so that half the scalp appears bald. The Queen and other high-ranking citizens brush their hair to the right as a status symbol. Others brush their hair to the left. Common colors are silver-white, pale blue, pale green, and black.

No one knows why, or how long ago, but at some point the Merelew detached their city from the ground, allowing the coral island to float away with the currents. Andreshlew was carried westward, across the Ocean. This time is known to the Merelew as their Exile, a period of great change and upheaval among the Merelew.

Andreshlew suffered numerous damages during the Ocean crossing, and many Merelew were killed. It was during the Exile that the Merelew first found the need for an organized government. A few leaders stepped forward and directed their people, in the damage control and rebuilding, in the hunt for food. It was the organization of the new Merelew King that allowed their people to flourish so far away from the land they had once depended upon. When the first king of the Merelew died of old age, his firstborn was given the leadership of the people. It is interesting to note that the Merelew opted for this form of government, just as the River Elves have done. The current Merelew royals also oversee trade agreements, and gain first pick of salvage as a privilege of their rank.

In time, Andreshlew arrived in the Reshal Sea of the Five Realms, though the lands were not known as such then. The Merelew proceeded to begin massive Lifesculpting to enhance their city, as well as repair parts of it damaged during their long voyage. Never before had so much Lifesculpting been performed on one thing so much as this, and the results amazed the Merelew. Andreshlew gained a form of sentience. The city, they discovered, had become ill. Andreshlew floated to the sea's surface while the Merelew desperately search for a cure.

Passing ships of the Elves spotted the floating city and sailed towards it. The Elven people were surprised to see the Merelew (just as the Merelew were surprised to find Elves) that their folklore spoke of, but the insouciant River Elves took it all in stride. The Elves offered to help the Merelew heal their island in exchange for rare materials from the depths of the sea. The Merelew king happily agreed, cementing the long-standing alliance between Merelew and River Elves.

Once Andreshlew was restored, the Merelew began to learn of this new world they found themselves in. The land was in a state of tension following the Elven - Human War. Peace was fragile, the land drained of resources. The Merelew were pleased. Their ships traveled to the major ports, carrying pearls, gold, coral, and shell; jewelry with craftsmanship to rival that of the Dwarves of Darvagai Anliker; precious items salvaged from sunken ships; exotic foods. In exchange, the Merelew received forged metals, something they are unable to create underwater. The Merelew traded extensively with a small village on the land near modern Riverhaven, and one or two young Merelew even opted to live there.

Things went well, for all sides. Then came the Empire. The Empire of Throne City was determined, in the tradition of Akroeg, to rule everything. Armies were sent everywhere; people did not submit to their rule, and garrisons were built in all citits to maintain the peace. When Imperial forces approached the village and ordered the Merelew there to acknowledge the Emperor as sovereign, they fled to Andreshlew. Merelew ships ceased sailing to ports of trade, and the kings would deal only with the River Elves (and then only rarely).

The Merelew remained secluded underwater during most of the Empire's lifetime. Once during this period, Andreshlew became ill again. This illness, and the city's rising, became known as the first Feast of Eluned's Rising. Merchant ships from all over the Empire went to Andreshlew to trade and to win the great reward offered by the Merelew king to whoever healed their city. Upon Andreshlew, games and contests of skill and wit were held, exotic treasures from the world over unveiled, and fireworks displayed to dazzle the eye. This Feast of Eluned's Rising lasted only a short time, and then Andreshlew sunk back beneath the sea. Merelew contact with the lands grew less frequent; only an occasional deal between the Merelew and the River Elves.

One hundred years ago, a second Feast of Eluned's Rising took place. I was on the first ship to Andreshlew, a fact of which I have considerable pride. A peculiar people. Carefree, but secretive; when I asked a question of them, they were more likely to smile and hand me a drink than to actually answer. But I learned all I could of them, and now messengers from King Lithralia have announced that the Feast of Eluned's Rising is to again return, to the delight of all in the Five Realms. May Lemicus bless this joyous occurrence.

"Long ago and far away, the stories all began,
The ocean parted and from the waves,
the water became land,
And merfolk did with landlings meet,
contesting for to see
Just which would o'ercome the other,
the landling or the sea.
Now soon, again, the island comes,
as seas grow rough and grey,
And visions seen upon the waves
do grow with each new day,
And albatross, their massive wings,
across the sea do spread
So gather one and gather all for
the Feast of Eluned!
The merchants eyes do glitter bright
with thoughts of Drogor's gold,
The fighters wish to prove their might
a'jousting as of old.
The healers and the woodsmen have,
as well, their part to do
For the living island groans in pain
and seeks relief from rue.
So come you one and come you all
and take to ships to see,
The festival of Eluned as the island
rises from the sea."

[From a Merelew poem]







Numbers : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


  a/an   archer .. taisgwelger  
  afternoon .. urfe   archipelago .. aldamiras  
  air .. taisal   arm .. drov  
  all .. naen   arrow .. taisgweld  
  alley .. wend   ascending .. hoyiro  
  ancestor .. narmor   assassin .. zynachi  
  and .. ia   at .. ae  
  anger .. umato   avenue .. strad  
  angry .. rhoat   axe .. sisk  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  baby .. shosuger   blue .. tasia  
  back .. hana   bobcat .. althmaor  
  backstreet .. boren   bog .. jalwestan  
  bad .. bolg   border .. stil  
  badger .. grusha   boulder .. lunmor  
  badlands .. gaddar   boulevard .. stradmor  
  bank .. forest   boundary .. filti  
  Barbarian .. diluger   bow .. taisgwelduan  
  bard .. amachi   bowman .. taisgwelger  
  bark .. modjelt   boy .. denban  
  baron .. raenaden   bracken .. crofban  
  baroness .. raenadel   branch .. shaka  
  barracks .. zindublar   bridge .. nabad  
  basin .. foss   bright .. anlora  
  bay .. selban   broad .. rom  
  be .. sa   bronze .. razak  
  beach .. oranfilt   brook .. falban  
  beast .. dyrisi   brother .. naroden  
  beautiful .. /-ahle, -lhe   brotherhood .. naronas  
  become .. safir   brown .. thilan  
  bed .. saet   brush .. croftans  
  begin .. kruar   bush .. crof  
  big .. mor   but .. kho  
  bird .. dyrtais   butterfly .. belu  
  black .. hara   by .. ha  
  blood .. kirm      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  canal .. tol   cloud .. mapha  
  canyon .. lerna   coastline .. sefilit  
  cape .. rennisola   cold .. chelmor  
  capital .. sharshekhlo   come .. halmir  
  cat .. maor   common .. kirmneiv  
  cave .. gelv   commoner .. lasadinger  
  cavern .. gelvmor   continent .. renmor  
  cay .. selbanta   cool .. chel  
  central .. lom   cougar .. maormor  
  channel .. tyrnan   could .. -fano  
  check point .. miniso   country .. sharu, moria  
  chieftain .. trekhalo   courtyard .. andun  
  child .. gerwen   cove .. jalgelv  
  children .. gaenwen   creek .. falban  
  chill .. chelban   crest .. saar  
  circle .. mir   crooked .. dinnum  
  city .. shekhlo   the Crossing .. H'Argir  
  clan .. treban   crossroad .. hentar  
  claw .. umos   crow .. karthar  
  clearing .. anren   crown .. ensha  
  cliff .. athor   currency .. kron  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  dance .. sathra   district .. lanek  
  dark .. seord   divine .. sanyu  
  daughter .. delwen   diviner .. sanuso  
  day .. andu   do .. esar  
  dead end .. dintoi   dog .. bonfa  
  death .. gweld, kweld   down .. nemma  
  deed (act) .. ess   dragon .. waerd  
  deep .. guum   dream (v) .. phofer  
  delta .. jalmoda   dream (n) .. phofe  
  den .. dyrgelv   drink .. frouler  
  descending .. nemmiro   drum .. don  
  desert .. westan   dry .. dinrel  
  devil .. zaul (refers to a foul beast)   dunes .. orannel  
  die .. urrer   Dwarf .. Darvager  
  dirt .. lubasa   Dwarves .. Darvagaen  
  disaster .. ormo      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  ear .. modi   emperor .. zohkhalo  
  earth, world .. thia   empty .. dinta  
  east .. du   -en .. -afi  
  eat .. swar   end (v) .. misekar  
  eclipse .. seordav   enough .. desan  
  edge .. filt   equator .. lommirit  
  Elf .. Modiarzi   -er .. -it, -nit  
  Elves .. Modiarzi   estuary .. falmoda  
  Elothean .. Garheg   evening .. sumiwen  
  Elotheans .. Gaenheg   evil .. wir  
  empath .. partani   eye .. av, aev  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  falcon .. rachai   fly (v) .. taisar  
  Fall .. Blufedor   fog .. murch  
  falls .. falathor   foolish .. lyodin  
  far .. erest   foot .. nef  
  father .. narden   foothills .. nefsith  
  fear (v) .. achor   footprint .. tefabra  
  fear (n) .. achol   ford .. waith  
  fellow .. maren   forest .. telga  
  fen .. glandal   foriegner .. marendin  
  festival .. jeraya   fork .. bima  
  few .. dinord   fountain .. thoma  
  field .. aleth   fox .. negei  
  find .. yavlor   free (adj) .. berid  
  fire .. ael   friend .. makro  
  fish .. jalbreth   frontier .. gaenfilt  
  fissure .. lerban   frost .. hiro  
  flatlands .. lethren   frozen .. chelich  
  flood .. jalmor   fruit .. lorjan  
  flower .. lorma   full .. ita  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  gate .. sango   Gor'Togs .. Gelvgaen  
  girl .. delban   grandfather .. narkeden  
  glacier .. jeolset   grandmother .. narkedel  
  glade .. halan   grass .. glan  
  gloom .. elba   grassland .. glaren  
  gloomy .. elban   great .. mor  
  go .. hevor   green .. telgi  
  goblin .. kobla   grotto .. gelvdael  
  god .. alyin   grove .. modaleth  
  gods .. alyi   guard (n) .. blarstil  
  gold (color) .. anli   guard (v) .. blar  
  gold (metal) .. atila   guild .. tregwal  
  good .. sann   guild leader .. gwalkhalo  
  gorge .. lermor   gulch .. lerser  
  Gor'Tog .. Gelvger   gulf .. selen  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  Halfling .. Dosiger   highway .. henmor  
  Halflings .. Dosigaen   hill .. sith  
  hamlet .. bael   hillock .. siglan  
  hammer .. darva   hold .. olkar  
  hand .. gar   holder .. olkan  
  harbor .. saaf   holy man .. alyden  
  have .. kar   home .. tref  
  he .. dena   honor .. feas  
  head .. fand   horse .. morit  
  heart .. abule   hot .. arthemor  
  heaven .. tenra   house .. zindu  
  heir .. lasawen   how .. lof  
  hello .. heyo   Human .. Thiager  
  here .. rema   Humans .. Thiagaen  
  high .. heg   hunt .. gwem  
  highborn .. kirmheg   hurricane .. audrumor  
  highest .. moreg   husband .. janden  
  highlands .. sithren      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  I .. ama   inn .. reste  
  ice .. jeol   insult .. .. ziallam  
  idea .. mish   iron .. tumbra  
  if .. ce   island .. jalren  
  in .. ve   isthmus .. selit  
  -ing .. a'-, h'-   it .. pa  
  inlet .. selmoda      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  jetty .. henjal   jewel .. iala  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  kill (v) .. gwelder   knight .. hegessger  
  kind (adj) .. taru   knoll .. glasith  
  king .. denenshon   know .. mivar  
  knife .. azmu      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  lady .. lasadel   less .. desdin  
  lake .. teom   let(v) .. vor  
  land .. ren   lightning .. zeng  
  lava .. arthelun   little .. ban  
  lead(v) .. khalor   live .. sanrar  
  leader .. khalo   long .. desu  
  learn .. leor, lor   lord .. lasaden  
  left .. batar   love(n) .. abues  
  leg .. glensha   love(v) .. abuer  
  leopard .. ruris   low .. neiv  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  magic .. gath, cambri   midnight .. sumilo  
  make(v) .. thar   mist .. murchban  
  man .. dennat   moon .. avren  
  manor .. zindumor   moor ..gerd  
  many .. ord   more .. desla  
  march .. elir   morning .. anduwen  
  marriage .. jantras   mother .. nardel  
  marry .. jantrar   mountain .. ker  
  marsh .. ter   mountain range .. kerspan  
  master bard .. amachiko   mouth .. moda  
  me .. ama   much .. ordad  
  meadow .. lae   mudflats .. athelda  
  meet (v) .. jervir   my .. aman  
  middle .. lomar      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  name .. germish   no .. din  
  narrow .. shuri   noble(adj) .. lasa  
  nature .. ierna   noble(n) .. lasager  
  near .. arti   noon .. surmide  
  neck .. fandim   north .. pol  
  need .. remer   nose .. halma  
  new .. shosu   not .. din  
  night .. surmi      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  oak .. moyel   old .. feir, gam  
  ocean .. selmor   on .. kus  
  of .. rae   or .. ul  
  offend .. ziallar   out .. dilu  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  pass .. kerwaith   plant .. lorat, lort  
  path .. dael   plateau .. takur  
  peace .. fostra   poem .. cubara  
  peak .. kerfyn   point .. bair  
  pearl .. palan   prairie .. glannoth  
  peasant .. neivger   prepare .. scador  
  peninsula .. reniso   prince .. kendabule  
  people .. gaen   princess .. kendiala  
  person .. ger   promontory .. renniso  
  plain .. nothj   province .. kendia  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  quake .. biliren   queen .. delenshon  
  quarter .. imir      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  rain .. rela   respect(n) ..haleen  
  rainbow .. saleng   ridge .. spen  
  ranger .. telger   right(dir) ..dotar  
  rank .. fewna   river .. fal  
  rapids .. jalwir   Riverhaven .. Faltref  
  ravine .. lert   road .. hen  
  red .. talen   rock .. lun  
  reef .. thervaen   root .. potha  
  respect(v) .. haleer   round .. valu  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  salt .. nama   smile (v) ..bueser  
  salt flats .. namadren   smoke (n) .. ingsa  
  salt lake .. namteorn   snake .. angis  
  salt marsh .. namater   snow .. relachel  
  sand .. oran   soil .. luba  
  sand dune .. orasith   soldier .. blarger  
  sandbar .. oranther   son .. denwen  
  savannah .. glansel   song, music .. cui  
  scorpion .. uryn   south .. ner  
  sea .. sel   speak .. gwer  
  see .. aevir   speech .. gweth  
  seek .. albir   spider .. unyn  
  seeker .. alshabi   spirit .. lyba  
  shallow .. ther   Spring .. Lormador  
  shallows .. therild   spring (water) .. jalawen  
  sharp .. arz   sprite .. urshele  
  she .. dela   stalactite .. nemlun  
  shoal .. theran   stalagmite .. hoylun  
  shop .. baya   stand .. morlar  
  shore .. selfilt   star .. avtai, avtoma  
  short .. fulso   steal .. tyvar  
  shrine .. zinda   steppes .. chelren  
  shrub .. farn   stone .. alm  
  sibling .. naroger   storm .. audru  
  siblings .. narogaen   storyteller .. thabarger  
  sight .. aevan   straight .. num  
  silver(adj,n) .. min   strait .. jaalit  
  sing .. cuir   strategist .. mishgwelger  
  sister .. narodel   stream .. edre  
  skill .. yado   street .. jegu  
  skin .. jelt   strong .. morlam  
  S'kra Mur (s) .. Angiger   stronghold .. duinen  
  S'kra Mur (pl) .. Angigaen   student .. shabi  
  skunk .. gelfur   Summer .. Anlador  
  sky .. tais   sun .. anla  
  sleep(n) .. ferse   swamp .. fung  
  sleep (v) .. ferser   sword .. telo  
  smile (n) .. bues   sylvan .. lana  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  taboo .. vetan   toll .. erge  
  tail .. sohal   top .. fyn  
  tale .. thabara   tor .. hegrel  
  teacher .. alreid   totem .. kinsa  
  tell .. thabar   town .. wick  
  temple .. kilth   tracker .. dyrishenti  
  territory .. trefan   trade (n) .. meng  
  terror .. orek   trade (v) .. mengur  
  than .. jen   trader .. menger  
  that .. padia   tradition .. isthatu  
  the .. li   trail .. daelfa  
  there .. redia   train .. neflor  
  they .. gaena   training .. neflonas  
  thick .. amo   training ground .. nefloren  
  thicket .. farnmor   travel (v) .. hentor  
  thief ..tyvalger   tree .. mod  
  thin .. dinamo   troll .. urgud  
  think .. mishar   tropics .. arthren  
  this .. pama   truce .. alith  
  thunder .. taisidon   tunnel .. gelvit  
  tidepool .. avsel   turn (n) .. mirset  
  tiger .. bars   turn (v)_ .. mirser  
  to .. ri      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  ugly .. dihle   use .. nesar  
  up .. hoyit      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  valley .. nevrel   volcano .. aesker  
  village .. teil      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  warm .. arthe   why .. lon  
  watch .. aevar   wide .. werg  
  water .. jaal   wife .. jandel  
  waterfront .. jaalfilt   wilderness .. dinshek  
  wave .. nel   wind .. blufe  
  way .. hentoi   wing .. kartais  
  we .. aena   Winter .. Jeoldor  
  weed .. lortisi   wise .. lyo  
  well .. abu   wisely .. lyu  
  west .. shar   with .. cam  
  what .. pom   wizard .. getha  
  when .. sudu   wolf .. ulf  
  where .. suren   woman .. dellat  
  whirlpool .. selvil   woodland .. modren  
  white .. alia   would .. -no  
  who .. pomger   wrath .. masinyo  
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  yellow .. belia   young .. wen  
  yes .. an   your .. teman  
  you .. tema      
  Gamgweth Dictionary
  0 .. din   5 .. vai  
  1 .. zo   6 .. hoi  
  2 .. do   7 .. sei  
  3 .. roi   8 .. oa/joa  
  4 .. kai   9 .. noi  
  Gamgweth Dictionary


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