Alan Fox Band-Mesquite St. Records

Alan Fox Band
2016 Nashville Band of the Year / Band of the Year LA Music Awards
Shows in 2016

----------------------January 2016-------------------

January 9th - Saturday
Aaron Ave. Records
Mesquite Steet
Arlington, TX

January 16th - Saturday
The Cove Studio
Jefferson Steet
Arlington, TX
12:00pm - 6:00pm

----------------------February 2016-------------------

February 15th - Monday
Unkle Dallas Memorial
Legendary Reo Palm Isle
Longview, TX

----------------------March 2016-------------------

March 12th - Saturday
The Cove Studio
Arlington, TX.

March 13th - Sunday
Recording Day
The Cove Studio
Arlington, TX.

----------------------April 2016-------------------

----------------------May 2016-------------------

May 15th - Sunday
Benefit for Donnie Pendleton
Guitarist for AFB
Eagles Nest Sports Grill
8455 Boat Club Road
Fort Worth, Texas

----------------------June 2016-------------------

June 10th - Friday Night
Lone Star Music School
High Steet
AFB Concert with Hubcap and the Loose Nuts
"Plus" Mesquite Street Records Contract Signing Party"
Longview, TX

June 21st - Tuesday Night
The Cove Studio
Jefferson Street Arlington, TX.
"Coal Black Sky" is finished being recorded
Alan "Doc" Davis-engineer / Mike Gage-producer
"Mesquite Street Records"
205 Mesquite St.
Arlington, TX.

----------------------July 2016-------------------

----------------------August 2016-------------------

August 27th - Saturday
Stumpy's Blues Bar
2811 Division St.
Arlington, TX

----------------------September 2016-------------------

September 16th - ETX Music Awards
1565 FM 2493 East

Bullard, Texas

September 18th Josie Awards

Nashville, TN

September 24th
Heritage Concert
Arlington, TX

----------------------October 2016-------------------

October 9th - Sunday
The Keys Lounge
Benefit for the Ken Olson Foundation
Fort Worth, TX.

----------------------November 2016-------------------

November 10th - Thursday
Poor David's Pub
With the Black Crowes
Dallas, TX.

----------------------December 2016-------------------

December 10th - Saturday
Iron Horse Pub
Wichita Falls, TX.