Alan Fox Band-Mesquite St. Records

Alan Fox Band
2016 Nashville Band of the Year / Band of the Year LA Music Awards
Shows in 2001

-------------------January 2001 Calendar---------------

January 12th Friday -- The Junction in Texarkana (MCA Record company in was there!)
January 13th Saturday -- Fat Jack's in Texarkana
January 16th thru. 24th Studio Work (closed session)
January 26th & 27th Fri. & Sat. -- Buckles & Boots in Carthage
Top Cat Records meeting with Richard Chalk
-------------------February 2001 Calendar------------------
February 1st-7th Master Mix Downs for "Respect Yourself" Release Date to be announced.
February 9th & 10th Sharkey's in Tyler
February 10th Release of our Second CD "Respect Yourself"
February 17th Saturday The Junction in Texarkana
February 21th Wednesday--First Meeting With Sukey Jump Productions of Shreveport. (Keith Abel president)
February 23rd. & 24th Fri. & Sat.-- Buckles & Boots in Carthage
------------------March 2001 Calendar----------------------
March 9th & 10th Friday & Saturday ---- Papa Joe's --- Dallas, TX.
March 17th Sat.---Auntie Skinner's in Jefferson (Blue Buoy Records in Baton Rouge)
March 23rd. & 24th Fri.& Sat. -- Sharkey's in Tyler, TX
March 31st Sat. -- Buckles & Boots in Carthage
------------------April 2001 Calendar----------------------
April 6th & 7th Fri. & Sat. ---Bullfrogs --- in Nacogdoches, TX
April 13th Friday --- The Junction in Texarkana
April 14th Satuday -- Fat Jack's in Texarkana
April 21st. Saturday ---- Leon's in Longview
April 27th. Friday ---- Buckles & Boots in Carthage
April 28th --Sat. at Buckles & Boots in Carthage
-------------------May 2001 Calendar-----------------------
May 11th & 12th -- Sharkey's in Tyler, TX
May 19th -- Sat. Buckles and Boots in Carthage, TX
--------------------June 2001 Calendar---------------------
June 2nd Sat.--- J.A. Production Co. Crawfish Boil and Privet Party
June 7th Thursday -- The Hut --- in Carthage TX
June 9th Sat. --Junction in Texarkana
Red Horse Records of Nashville, TN (Meeting)
June 15th Friday---The Pin Stripe (on East Kings Hwy)--Shreveport, LA
June 16th Saturday----Texas Blues Room --- Longview, TX
June 20th Wednesday---Blank & Co.--- in Nacogdoches, TX "In the Beer Gardens"
June 22 & 23 Fri.--Sat.---Sharkey's----Tyler
June 29th Pam's Birthday in Texarkana Happy Birthday!
June 30th Sat.--Fat Jack's---Texarkana
---------------------July 2001 Calendar---------------------
Shooter's and Other National Acts !
July 14th Sat.--The Balloon Glow at the Greg county airport--6-8 pm.
Open for Beatle Mania
(over 2000 people showed to hear us! Thanks to Everyone.)

July 18th Wednesday--- Blank & Co. in Nacogdoches, TX
July 19th Thursday --- The Hut --- in Carthage, TX
July 21st Saturday--- Meadowbrook (Laird)Country Club, in Kilgore, Tx.
July 28th Saturday--Fat Jack's---Texarkana, TX
--------------------August 2001 Calendar-------------------
August 3 Friday--- Private Party--- PaPa Joe's in Dallas, TX.
August 10th Friday--- Sharkey's--- in Tyler, TX
August 11th Saturday--- The Junction--- in Texarkana, TX
August 25th Saturday--- Buckles & Boots in Carthage, TX.
August 30th Thursday--- The Hut --- in Carthage, TX.
--------------------September 2001 Calendar-----------------
September 1st Saturday -- Auntie Skinner's in Jefferson, TX.
September 8th Saturday-- Fat Jack's-- in Texarkana, TX
September 22nd Saturday -- Sharkey's --- in Tyler, TX
September 29th Saturday --- Junction-- in Texarkana, TX
--------------------October 2001 Calendar-------------------
October 4th Thursday --- Legends --- in Longview, TX
October 6th Saturday--- Buckles and Boots-- in Carthage, TX
October 19th Friday --- Junction --- in Texarkana, TX
October 20th Saturday--- Fat Jack's-- in Texarkana, TX
--------------------November 2001 Calendar------------------
November 1st Thursday --- The Hut --- Carthage, TX
November 10th Saturday --- Buckles & Boots --- in Carthage, TX.
November 13th Tuesday --- Buckles & Boots --- "Live Jam" with Wes Jeans
November 17th Saturday --- The Hut --- in Carthage, TX.
November 21st Wednesday --- Rick's on the Square --- in Tyler, TX. with Wes Jeans
November 24th Saturday --- Sharkey's --- in Tyler, TX.
November 28th Wednesday --- Rick's on the Square --- in Tyler, TX. with Wes Jeans
--------------------December 2001 Calendar------------------
December 7th Friday --- The Junction --- in Texarkana, TX.
December 8th Saturday --- Christman Party for Citizens Bank in Center, TX
December 15th Saturday --- Leon's Bar & Grill --- i Longview, TX.
December 21st Friday --- ETMC's Christmas Party ---
December 22nd Saturday --- Eddie Nations Birthday Party at Buckles and Boots
December 28th and 29th --- Memphis Bar and Grill --- in Longview, TX.
December 31st --- Happy New Year---