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"Baby What's Wrong"/"Be A Sect Maniac" Columbia DB7300 (1964)

"Little Egypt"/"Sect Appeal" (US single) Smash 1954 (1964)

"Little Egypt"/"Sect Appeal" Columbia DB7347 (1964)

"Find Out What's Happening"/"Insecticide" Columbia DB7415 (1964)

"Wreck Of The Old '97"/"Leader Of The Sect" Columbia DB7509 (1965)

"I Got Mine"/"Waiting In Heaven Somewhere" Columbia DB7597 (1965)

"Bad Storm Coming"/"Lonely And Blue" Columbia DB7712 (1965)

"All Night Worker"/"He Was A Square" Columbia DS2294 (1966)

"Glendora"/"I'll Find Out" Columbia DB7939 (1966)

"The Cost Of Living"/"Everything I've Got To Give" Columbia DB 8008 (1966)

"Why Don't You Smile Now"/"Don't You Lie To Me" Columbia DS 2336 (1967)

"I Can't Get Away From You"/"Roses" Pye 17261 (1967).Recorded by "Don Craine’s New Downliners Sect"

"Little Egypt"/"Sect Appeal" (reissue) Charly 1020 (1976)

"Showbiz"/"Killing Me" Raw 10 (1977)

"Cadillac"/"Roll Over Beethoven" (The Sect’s first recordings from1963) Lava LC5649 (1985)

"Color Coded Red"/"You Ain't Doin Me Right" Inner Mystique IM5082 (1985)

"Cadillac"/"Roll Over Beethoven" (reissue) Penniman records Penn 45010 (2000) 


"At Nite In Gt Newport St." Contrast Sound RBC SP 001 (1964)

"The Sect Sing Sick Songs" Columbia SEG 8438 (1965)

"The Sect Sing Sick Songs" EP (reissue) Charly 1031 (1976)

"Showbiz"/"Love Is Blind"/"Playin' My Guitar" Sky SSS 103 (1979). Different mix on "Showbiz"

"The Sect Sing Sick Songs" EP (reissue) OLMS 3028 (1983)

  "At Nite In Great Newport Street" EP (reissue)  Penniman records 

Swedish Singles

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"Little Egypt"/"Find Out What's Happening" Columbia DS2252 (1964)

"All Night Worker"/"Outside" ColumbiaDB 7939 (1966) "All Night Worker" has an extra guitar solo while "Outside is a different mix from the album song on "The Rock Sect's In".This version of "Outside" was issued by mistake.

Swedish EP:s

"Bloodhound"/"lnsecticide"/"Hurt By Love"/"Baby What's Wrong" Columbia SEGS 135 (1965)

"Spider" (+ three other artists). Jukebox JSEP 5580 (1968)

"Lord Of The Ring" (+ three other artists). Jukebox JSEP 5584 (1969)

"White Caterpillar" (+ three other artists). Jukebox JSEP 5586 (1969)

White Caterpillar"/"Lord Of The Ring"/"Spider" (reissue) Garageland BF 605 (1985)

White Caterpillar"/"Lord Of The Ring"/"Spider" (CD-reissue) Garageland GRCD 022 (2000)



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"The Sect" Columbia 33SX1658 (1964)

"The Country Sect" Columbia DB7817 (1966)

"The Rock Sect’s In" Columbia 33SX 6028 (1966)

"Downliners Sect" (Swedish compilation) His Master's Voice SGLP 534 (1966)

"The Sect" (reissue) Charly LP 30122 (1976). Reissue with" Little Egypt" as bonus track

"The Country Sect" (reissue) Charly LP 30137 (1976)

"The Rock Sect’s In" (reissue) Charly LP 30142 (1976)

"Showbiz" Sky 301 (1979)

"The Sect" (reissue) Marilla MLP 1001 (1980). Reissue with" Little Egypt" as bonus track

"The Sect" (reissue) Line LLP 5154 AS (1982). Reissue with" Little Egypt" as bonus track

"The Country Sect" (reissue) Line LP LLP5162AS (1982)

"The Rock Sect’s In" (reissue) Line LP LLP5168AS (1982)

"Be A Sect Maniac" (compilation) Line LP OLLP5183AS (1983)

"Live In The 80's" LP Garageland BF 611 (1986)

"Live" (same as Live In The 80’s) Beat City BCLP 86003 (1986)

"Richmond R&B" (same as "Showbiz") Beat CityBCLP 86004 (1987)

"Cross Section" (compilation) Decal LIK 10 (1987)

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"Savage Return" Promised Land 456780 (1991)

"The Birth Of Suave" (compilation) Hangman HANG 42-UP (1991)

"The Birth Of Suave" (compilation) Hand Of Glory HOG 2 (1993)

"A Light Went Out In New York" Pigmy Productions AD69 (1993) With Matthew Fisher, Procol Harum's legendary keyboard player.

"The Definitive Downliners Sect" (compilation) See For Miles SEECD 398 (1994)

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"Dangerous Ground" Birch MB23897 (1998)

"The Sect/The Rock Sect's In" (CD-reissue) See For Miles SEECD 697 (1999)

"Showbiz" (CD-reissue) Indigo Records IGOCD 2084 (2000)

"Sect Appeal" (CD-reissue, same as "Live In The 80:s" plus "Color Coded Red, "You Ain't Doing Me Right", "Blue Nights" and "Rhythm 'n' Booze" as bonus tracks) Indigo Records IGOXCD 530Z (UK), IGOXCD 530 (export)

"Burning Snow" Penn 10001 (2001) Downliners Sect live in Gävle, Sweden 19 March 2000 (vinyl album)

"Sectuality" (CD-compilation which includes the albums "The Sect", "The Country Sect" and "The Rock Sects In" plus some single tracks from 1964-1966) Charly Records SNAF 827 CD (2002)

Unfortunately, a lot of Downliners Sect items are very rare and hard to find. But there are a lot of Sect and related stuff which can be ordered from:

Sect Select, 135 London Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 1EF, England


"The Downliners Sect Story" by Mike Stax & Bill Shute (Brisk Productions) 1991

"Then Play On" by Mike Ober. (Brisk Productions) 1992

About Yardbirds, Downliners Sect, Creation, Searchers, Procol Harum, Zombies. (Includes an interwiew with Downliners Sect leader and rhythm guitarist Don Craine)


The Downliners Sect Story (Brisk Productions) 1991. Music and interwiews with the band members.