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  collages featuring photo collections of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and The Who in concert.

Jimmy Page-various color and b&w shots of Page from the Yardbirds to Zep. Size of frame-25"x39". Price-$550+S.&H.

Led Zeppelin-Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Seven shots from the first U.S. tour. Size of frame-23"x32". Price-$500+S.&H.

Led Zeppelin-Rose Palace-Pasadena, CA. Six shots from the second U.S. tour. Size of frame-22"x27". Price-$500+S.&H.

Jeff Beck-Shrine Expo. Hall. Seven shots from this 1968 show with one shot previously unpublished. Size of frame-24"x30". Price-$450+S.&H.

Eric Clapton-with Blind Faith. Various shots of Eric with one shot of Ginger Baker and Steve Winwood (Rick Gretsch in background). Size of frame-17"x37". Price-$450+S.&H. SOLD-A Similar One May Be Made.

The Who-Santa Monica Civic, 1968. Size of frame-20"x24". Price-$400+S.&H.

The Who-various shots (mainly of Pete) from the Hollywood Bowl-1967, Shrine Expo. Hall-1968,Santa Monica Civic-1968, Hollywood Palladium-1969, Anaheim Stadium-1970. Size of frame-22'x28". Price-$500+S.&H.

Shipping and handling- add 25% for domestic U.S postage. E- mail for foreign rates. Frame has either glass or Plexiglas cover (glass tends to break in transit). Color and black&white prints are hand-developed from the original negatives.

Mail check or money order to:

Norwood Price

P.O. Box 1572

Burbank, CA 91507-1572



E-mail me when you mail an order to help speed the process.

All orders paid by check will be held for 10week days,  then shipped within 5 days. All orders paid by m.o. will be shipped within 5 days.

I am always looking for negatives of rock groups. Do you have any for sale or trade?

All photos are protected by copyright ©. Reproduction by written permission only. Photos are available for book/magazine use. I took all of the above photos-Norwood Price.


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