The Coffin Daggers (website)

They had not one color but a few colors: blue, green and even violet. PUNK with threads of Rockabilly-and Garage-minded guitar riffs fill drum, organ and bass grooves straight from the beer joint down the turnpike. The playing here reminds me of why I love music. I can never remember anything in chronological order. The lyric-less tunes on this record came out absolutely great. The Coffin Daggers are Viktor on guitar, Dan Terchek on electric piano, Greg Clarke on drums and Peter Klarnet playing bass. Telling us about adventures at sea they use strong black outlines and dramatic, contrasting colors. They are interested in primative art, a source of inspiration reflected in the organ and guitar grinding. Here are some theories: the daggers are the former subjects of a series of experiments conducted by an obscure government agency which has since denied any involvement. 2.) They are the creation of a deranged medical student shunned by the scientific community who assembled them in a make-shift laboratory from stolen body parts. 3.) The band is four working stiffs who play intense instrumental or as thir fans are apt to say intenstrumental rock & roll. Anyway, the fifteen songs here from 'Psychonaut' to 'Interstellar Overdrive' may differ only little in tempo, melody and vibe but we love that familiar old rock crackle. Their new record was recorded live on two tracks in October 2001 at Zero Return Studios in Atlanta in sessions engineered by Tom Borthwick. Beware of side effects such as mutating into into an undead drone controlled by deed-space atomic vampires and the wide eyes of a dead man's face.

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