Ryan Smith






Who Cares

I've been playing guitar for about seven years. My dad had played for years and was a collector of stringed instruments. I took an interest in junior high(Nirvana), and he gave me a bitchin' red Harmony with a neck like a half a mast from a pine yacht. I learned my open chords, Nirvana covers, and soon got an interest in Bebop. Jazz band with a Samick strat and Dizzy Gillespie heads developed an out of place rhythmic backgroud and an obsession with simple melody over complex harmony.

Junior year introduced me to Briar, OK Computer, and rock n' roll again. Songwriting with Casey, Matt, and Brad ensued, along with many a Jethro Tull singalong.

My style now is only a slavery to melody. The proper texture for a good arrangement usually involves melodic bass lines, tight with the kick, effects-laden ambient chordal work(guitar or keys), and counter-melodies with tight(or loose) guitar tone.