Untitled I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that the band, as it were, has fallen Ryan and Brad apart. I've decided to salvage what I can, and move on into obscurity. Since I wrote most of the songs, own most of the equipment, and am not yet willing to give up, I've decided to record an album. Brad(lead guitar) and Billy(bass) have signed on. I'm very anxious to write with Brad again. We wrote "Sip, Sigh, and Drag" and "Pleasure Menu" together, and I'm very proud of those songs.

Imagine Tony and Brad's voice together. This sprung from a thought i had while on the can. I imagined getting the opportunity to replace Casey with Chris Cornell. I thought that my favorite dead vocalist was Buckley, my favorite living being Cornell. This lead to the memory of Tony's voice often being similar to Cornell's.

If he had the determination, in a few years his voice could mature quite a lot. If the Morhol and I could gang up on him, pry him away from his current project and sell him on a life of music, we could make some very moving, original music.

Brad has a very beautiful voice with a rough quality to it which nicely compliments my weaker, more strained harmonies. Put these two voices with Tony's powerhouse voice, I think it would produce a rather dominating mix. I know Tony would dig on "Wash" and "Pretty Face". A jam or even a listen to those one's might sell him instantly. The old material would demand that he be flexible and dynamic. It is my hope that he would find that stimulating.

Working with Tony would also imply a heavier sound. I'm ok with that. Billy is ok with that. Brad could be sold after some songwritng, and Briar probably sports a hard-on at the thought. With a Briar/Billy rhythm section working closely together, their would always be ample appropriate grooves for the guitars of Brad and myself. I would love to do some arranging for a heavy sound. A thick piano is often heavier than a raging Ibanez(as "trickster" can attest), and kicking down some keyboards is a must.

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