Ryan Smith






Who Cares

I bought the Bassman at a pawn shop for $300 because Adam Jones from Tool uses a bass amp for his Gibson. Once I get a Powerbrake, I'll be able to crank it and get some some sweet Tool tone. As it is, this thing rocks. The bass channel has a unique sound which is meant for bass, but sounds awesome with all my guitars. Sadly, I'll probably let Billy use it with a 4x10 bass cab.

The Nomad 100 is super sweet. Mostly, I let Brad use it with my Strat. It has three channels, each with a vintage/modern switch for a total of six options. A footswitchable 5-band e.q. makes the tones endless.

Ah, the VC508. Honestly, the best-sounding amp of all. All tube, class-A tone and power. It's 5 watts driving an 8 inch Celestion actually cuts through drums. What it lacks in power, it grossly makes up for in tone. Three knobs dictate gain, tone, and volume. My favorite type of setup for an amp. I use it's line out for recording often because none of my amps match it's sound. I can't talk enough about it's sound, but I'll spare you. Buy one! That's that.

I only recently got the Vintage Club 50. It's clean channel is nothing but. With the treble and bass flat, this thing cuts. Turning the treble up is almost unbearable with the Strat, but if you lace the gibson with ambient effects and then crank it, the sounds are in-your-face-distant. It's crazy, but I love it. The drive channel is muddy but it's more of a vintage flavor. Crank the mids for a tone to fill a mix when Brad's running the Strat through the Boogie with a smile curve (his preferred sound.)