tourist: soon to be revolutionary. download our mp3s. they're hot stuff, buddy.

Tourist(Soon to be Revolutionary)

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Youth For Sale!


thanks for coming out. we've made changes. now you can actually hear the songs. all feedback is appreciated. the band has fallen apart, but i (the <--red one) still feel the need to spread the music. i'll come to grips with it later.

I've been sending e-mails to helpless people who i would assume to be radiohead fans. i am a radiohead fan, and would hope that it comes across in my music. if you know anyone who wouldn't be bothered to hear this music, please tell me. i apologize again for this gross advertising tactic. i'm just hoping to drum up some fans in an effort to salvage the band. i've gotten some positive responses, and this is what i hope will pull the band together.

if you personally play music and live in northeast america drop me a line. primarily, my goal is to make some timeless albums. i'm not tied to anything that couldn't come with me.

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