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Picture by Peter David.

Ain't Misbehavin'
Originally released 1987
Recorded at Zuckerfabrik Studios, Stuttgart
Produced by Tom Krueger & Tokyo Blade

Line Up
Peter Zito - Vocals
Andy Boulton - Guitar
Chris Stover - Bass
Alex Lee - Drums

Track Listing
(Click titles to view lyrics)
1.Heartbreaker 2.Too Much Too Soon 3.Watch Your Step 4.Movie Star 5.Hot For Love 6.Tokyo City 7.Love And Hate 8.Don't Walk Away 9.Ain't Misbehavin'

Release Information

Scratch LP 805336 1987
Hard 'N Heavy! CD 575/17 112 H 1987
Hard 'N Heavy! LP 575/27 112 H 1987
Brainstorm CD AU 31715 1990
Jimco CD HMI 3002 1989
Gama CD 5301 2001
POTB Review - the final word?
OK, possibly my least favourite Blade album, BUT, that doesn't mean its crap. It's very different to what came before it that's for sure. I don't know what Andy was trying to do here, whether it was just to try something different or just plain directionless. What is strange is that Alan was getting noticed with Shogun at this point and this album could easily be the tracks rejected by Shogun for the 31 Days album. Harsh words maybe, but there you go. Its not all bad though. Tokyo City is a great slow paced walk with echoes of past glories ringing through it. Don't Walk Away is the other stonker on the album. Could have been straight off a Bon Jovi album. The only other thing on there worth a dime is the awesome guitar solo intro - in fact, despite the poor quality of the songs, Andy does some of his best ever solos on here. 2 and a half great tracks out of 9 isn't a good score, but hey, hats off for trying something new.

The band did tour this album, with Andy Catlin (ex-Cherokee) on bass, playing a few festivals alongside Black Sabbath amongst others, although information on this era is hard to find.