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Pachinko's in Oxford - August 16th, 2002

Well this show started out on a bad note. Realicide was not allowed to play this show, we were almost not able to play. Stupid not 18+ can't play rule! But luckily John's parents came to the rescue! THANKS JOHN'S PARENTS! But first to go on was Philosopher's Stone. These guys kick ass! Must see if you can! Then we went on and played our music. The people there liked our stuff. This show debuted both Ryan and Tony's new guitars. Pretty neat but we did not get the same thing....Then Rust Belt Music went on, these guys rock too! When they come back to Ohio you should check them out too. Then last but not least Bludy Hell! He blew up his amp on his song "Blow up yer radio" kinda ironic isn't it! But it sounded purfect! Well thats it from this show. Thanks for coming out those who did!