Brian Jones's Guitars
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Brian with his trademark teardrop guitar.

Please note - the list of guitars is incomplete at this time. Also, I am still double checking the facts. I appreciate any help with correct identification!
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The Collection:
Brian's first guitar was the obligatory 'Spanish model that cost about three pounds'. (Aftel) Don't have a photo of Brian's, but here's Beatle George's SMTCATP.
On April 7 62, 'Elmo Lewis' (Brian's stage name)sat in at 'the Ealing club', playing Dust My Broom on his Hofner Committee electric guitar (Stone Alone). Mike Jagger and Keith Richards were in the audience. Brian is known to be the first white guy to play slide electric guitar in England.
  Brian with Harmony Stratotone (Jupiter model?). Brian played this at the Marquee. Stratotones were very popular in England at the time. Harmony made good, but inexpensive, guitars. Keith had a Harmony Meteor.
  Brian had a deal with Vox  to promote the new Phantom Mark. The prototype of the Mark III, which Brian has here, was shaped differently than the later marketed version. There was also a Mark VI (6-string) and a Mark XII (12-string).
  May, 1965.  A Mark III teardrop, said to be Brian's, was auctioned by Sotheby's in 1984; it went to the to the Hard Rock Cafe. Now on display at the Vault. Photo by Mike Geary (Rob Weingartner Collection).
  A good picture of Brian showing off his teardrop. Now, check out the trademarked Teardrop BJ model from Phantom Guitarworks of Seattle.
A new Mark VI in the classic teardrop shape from the Vox site. They call it 'droplet' now..
Brian in his Chelsea flat with a 12 string acoustic, mid-1965.
On stage with acoustic, make and model unknown. I believe Brian played acoustic on 'You Better Move On'.
Brian with [prob. Keith's] Epiphone Casino. Brian used a Casino when he played Little Red Rooster on the Ed Sullivan show. Casinos are sought after today because John Lennon had one.

Brian backstage with a 1961 Fender Telecaster. Muddy Waters played a Telecaster; Pete Townshend rammed them into amps; Keith Richards swiped one from a kid in New York not so long ago. Vintage Telecasters are very famous, very collectible guitars!
Brian with his 6118 'two tone smoke green double anniversary' Gretsch. The Anniversary was modeled after the Gretsch Country Gentleman (the CG is associated with the creator of the 'Nashville Sound', Chet Atkins.)
  Brian with Rickenbacker  12-string playing Get Off of My Cloud, June, 1965.
  Brian with Rickenbacker 330/12, December 1965.
Brian and Gibson Firebird VII, October 1965. Brian also used a Firebird VII when the Stones played Satisfaction on the Ed Sullivan show. Firebirds were created for Gibson by car designer Ray Dietrich to compete with Fender. Keith had a Firebird VII, too.
Brian tunes his Firebird VII. The 1963-1965 Firebirds have bodies that are the reverse of the Fender shape. A bit of a flop at the time, these early Firebirds are sought after today.
Here's Brian on the Sullivan Show playing Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby? on a non reverse body Firebird III.
Palazzo Dello Sport, Rome, April 4, 1967. Brian with Rickenbacker 360/12 on his final concert tour.
Brian also played exotic intstruments, such as the dulcimer. A dulcimer, said to be Brian's, is on display at the Rock and Roll Museum & Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH - the only item of Brian's on display!
Another shot from the last tour with Brian in fine style playing a Gibson ES 330, 'a magnificent jazz guitar'. Keith playing this at the free Hyde Park concert. Read more about this model at Gibson.
Brian playing Sympathy for the Devil on an acoustic Gibson J-200 6-string during filming of One Plus One, June '68. This model is associated with guitar heroes of yesteryear - Hollywood's singing cowboys.
With the Gibson J-200 in the studio, 1968. This guitar, which would be valuable today, was never seen with the Stones after Brian's death.
Brian made his last public performance at the Rock and Roll Circus, Dec. 1968. He played slide on the Firebird III for No Expectations .
  Brian at the Rock'n Roll Circus with a '56 Gibson Les Paul goldtop. Today this guitar is on exhibit at Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers Restaurant in London. Another photo of Brian & goldtop. A photo of '56 goldtop model (not Brian's).
Brian playing a Gibson 1963 Natural Hummingbird, probably Keith's, at Redlands in 1969. Jagger with this model guitar.
Brian Jones is said to have been the original owner of this Guild semi acoustic. The story goes that it was given by Stu to an unnamed guitarist in the early 70s. Later it turned up on the auction block at Christie's. No photos of Brian with this!
Here's Brian in 1969 with a Hagstrom, probably a two pickup D'Aquisto 'Jimmy' model.

Thanks to Rob and Mathijs for help with guitar info. Thanks to Jon for help with photos and dates.


According to Tony Sanchez all of Brian's guitars were stolen by someone with a key to Brian's house within days after Brian died on July 3, 1969 (NOT the very same night!) Sanchez, a former drug addict and disgruntled ex-employee of Keith Richards, is unfortunately the single (unreliable) source for this story; although it is generally admitted that a driver/chauffeur of Brian's "stole a lot of Brian's stuff" after Brian died.

Although a few of these guitars are now said to be on display, see above, there is no reliable information regarding whether they were given, stolen or purchased along the way from Brian's ownership to Keith, Bill, Stu, Sotheby's, etc.


Most of them were stolen in late 1971. He attempted to replace them. This is interesting as it is believed that Keith and Anita ended up with a lot of Brian's stuff, and so it is possible that Brian's guitars might have been among those stolen from Nellcote.

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